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I am a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language in Malawian (VII) 12. Hayina, I heard your Howl. The first time I heard that Hyena was drinking tea at Andrew’s House on Thursday night. At that time, he brought us two cups of Indian tea and sat down on the sofa. He talked about this kind of animal casually. Heina is undoubtedly a very pleasant name, as if it is like a goddess living by the lake in Greek mythology with an angel-like appearance. I thought this was some kind of magical creature in Africa. After thinking for a while, I shook my head. Andrew was surprised and asked: Have you heard its cry every night? We shook our heads again. So Andrew stood up and said, pointing at the waist-high position, Heina was probably a little like a dog, and so high. Wolf! We blurted out, but the impression of the owner of this name was greatly reduced in our mind. Andrew shook his head again; It was not a wolf. It was smaller than a wolf, with a higher shoulder and a shorter Butt. When he stood up, his back showed a diagonal line, which was called like this. Andrew suddenly raised his head and began to learn from Heina’s howl. Andrew is a teacher who teaches Latin. When he was chatting before, he learned Mandarin tone. It was the first time that he was decent. At this time, he learned the howling of animals, which unexpectedly had a bit wild and was not like human voice. I think we know what this is, which should be called Jackal or hyena in China. But we don’t understand why he told us about this wolf? The second time I heard that Heina came from Andrew, he came to attend the Barbequeparty of principal Gondwe. As soon as he arrived at Gondwe’s house, he squatted beside us, following hayina’s appearance and asked: Have you heard hayina? I shook my head, but Guo nodded. Then he turned to others and talked about Heina, especially about the animal we didn’t know, which caused a burst of laughter. I asked Guo, you heard. He nodded and said that he could hear it at about ten or twelve o’clock in the evening, that is, when there was no human voice. But why does Andrew mention it when he sees us? It makes us a little annoyed and makes us feel that this old man is a little nervous. Just in the afternoon, when we were going to the office to surf the Internet, a black man suddenly knocked at the door to chat with us. We heard Heina again. He said that this kind of animal has little courage and won’t attack people, but some crazy people will bite people. There is no hayina in the school during the day, but at night, they will come in from the wilderness. The black man was good at talking and outgoing, but his parents died. He has graduated from middle school, and now he is waiting to enter the university. The tuition of the university is too high, so he can’t afford it. He can only earn tuition by working outside. He understood that only by going to college can he change his life. Such children are not a few in Africa. By contrast, on our way to the office in the afternoon, we saw the children who came back to school. They were dressed well and were all delivered by parents in luxury cars. Maybe there were the children of the minister and the director. They played and quarreled on the lawn, carefree and happy. At that time, I decided to wait until late night tonight to listen to Heina’s cry and the crying of Black Africa. At night, although there was still the opening ceremony the next day, I insisted on sitting on the bed and reading the staff manual of Kamuzu school slowly. The employee handbook covers more than 130 pages, covering all aspects. It is hard to imagine that there is such a school with such advanced educational philosophy deep in Africa. Reading their manuals, I have some feelings when thinking of our education. About ten and a half, the birds gradually disappeared, and suddenly a howl suddenly sounded, as if it was outside the window. The sound was very strong at first, and then became gentle and long, as if it was a deep swallow after wailing. It suddenly occurred to me that when I first came to Malawian, the ambassador said, “Don’t go out at night. There are things like local dogs outside, which are very dangerous. Maybe that’s hayina. This is Africa. Thirteen, difficult day we come to Malawi second days, in and gondwe principal conversation, was told this morning we must 7.4 fifteen reach auditorium, a suit and tie, principal Gondwe will formally introduce us to students and all teachers, and all we need to do is stand up, clap and sit down. But what we didn’t expect was that today would be such a difficult day, and the rally was just the beginning. The assembly of Kamuzuacademy was very distinctive. All the students sat in the Hall of the auditorium, while all the teachers sat on the rostrum facing the students. When the first president of Malawian established the school, he paid great attention to religion, and the school had its own independent church and pastor. After all the people arrived, all stood still. The pastor first stepped onto the platform and asked all of them to pray together for the school, the country and the wife of an employee who passed away today. Next, principal Gondwe led everyone to sing a hymn, the national anthem of Malawian. After singing, principal Gondwe first introduced three visitors from Britain, and then introduced us. We stood among a group of black people, listening to the cheers of the students, feeling like orangutans in the zoo. Perhaps this is the feeling that foreigners often look at after they come to China. After the assembly, principal Wild pulled us to the office, pointed at the two cabinets and said, “This is our filing cabinet, and any notice will be put in it. Then he took out a piece of paper from it and said: this is your class schedule, which was prepared by my secretary this morning. The place where you have classes is very close, and you can even have two classes together, as long as you are willing. When I took the class schedule, my scalp felt slightly numb. We had to teach nine classes of three grades, nearly 300 students and 18 classes a week. In fact, the classes that we need to teach Chinese are the same, that is to say, there are only 9 classes in the beginning of these three grades, which are only divided into two parts and let two different teachers teach, in this way, students can get in touch with teachers more. The first class of the school starts from 7: 30, each class is 40 to 10 minutes, there is no rest in the middle, there is no bell for class and class, after class, students find the classroom for the next class by themselves, there is only a half-hour break at 10:10. During this period, there was free coffee in the staff room, and there was also a doughnut of 50 covales. Lunch time is in shi er dian to half past one, no lunch break and three in the afternoon in 3.3 ten end. Later, it was extracurricular activities. Our tragedy began after the end of the second class. The second class ended at 09:10. We originally planned to have lunch at school, but it was too early, so we went home without electricity. We saw it was still early, so we went to bed for a while, and there was no electricity. After getting up, I cleaned up the house and talked about how to attend the first class. At about 12 o’clock, there was no electricity. We said we should go to the canteen to have dinner. However, it is estimated that it will take two or ten minutes to walk from home to the canteen. There should be no food to eat when you change your clothes and walk to the canteen. Just as I was not thinking, the light suddenly flashed and the electricity came. We rushed to the kitchen and boiled water to cook at the fastest speed. At this time, only the noodles were the fastest, so we made the condiments, took out the noodles from the refrigerator, washed the vegetable leaves, and saw the water going up. The induction cooker suddenly screamed, and the power went out again. We threw off the work in our hands angrily, went back to the bedroom angrily, climbed into bed, and fell asleep again unconsciously. When we woke up, we were about to have class and the electricity was still floating in the clouds. We lazily put on our shoes and walked to the classroom. We had two classes in the afternoon. After the end, we sat in the office and had a rest for a while and went home slowly. There was still no electricity. I came back at six o’clock, let’s have a rest. Six-point, no electricity. We were so hungry that there was even no water at home. Guo took out the last beef we brought from home, and we ate them separately. Then we took out the tomatoes we stored from the refrigerator and washed them clean, ate a few. The sky gradually turned dark, and we were still waiting. We couldn’t do anything in the dark night, so we had to turn on the computer to watch movies. When the movie was finished ten minutes later, the computer was out of power and turned off. Africa is not like mainland China. We can buy things anywhere. If we want to go out to buy food, the distance is calculated by kilometers. Let’s go out for a walk and water the garlic by the way. When I just walked out of the door, it was dark outside. There was no moon in the sky. I almost couldn’t see my fingers. I just walked out a few steps, We heard the sound of something walking on the dead leaves. We thought of Heina, the ambassador said that they always came out when there was no one at night, and they were scared back home. I looked up casually, and then my eyes were tightly caught by the night sky. Back to the yard, close the door and look up at the starry sky. The stars seem to be scattered in the sky, and the Milky Way spans the whole night sky. We stood in the yard with a flashlight, looking up at the starry sky, pointing at the stars we saw from time to time with the light of the flashlight. Discussion on Hunger has made us feel little, most of us sit in front of the computer when there is electricity, and we don’t have time to look up. The only thing we can say at this time is that no wonder the ancients liked to look at the sky. In the sunny night sky of Malawian, we can even see satellites flying in orbit. We look up like this. Suddenly we realized that technology has really lost a lot. Suddenly the room was lit up, and the electricity finally came. We rushed into the room with cheers regardless of the image. There was only food in our eyes, and the starry sky was left behind. 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