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Eight pig

Yesterday, I gathered with a group of friends such as Bai Gujing in the heaven and earth entertainment city. She said that you wrote a letter to her some time ago and proposed to her. Brother, I am really happy for your civilization and keeping pace with the times. Looking back on those years when we went to the West to learn scriptures, we were really singing, sad and ridiculous, which was completely a farce and a farce. Our four apprentices were fooled by Tathāgata, Avalokitesvara and The Master and became their pieces and props. Although I look like a pig, my heart is really bright. I was aware of many things at that time, but there was no place to tell. I want to tell you, but you are smart and have a sharp eye. You think I am a nerd and look down upon me as an old pig. Monk Sha was also an honest man who had no mind and said nothing. Bai Longma, let alone, has no common language. So I had to hide many things in my pig belly until the end of learning scriptures. I compared them before and after, and after reading the letter from the master, I understood them thoroughly, I really feel unworthy of our ignorance and ignorance in those years. On the way to the Scriptures, there were several times when I proposed to divide my luggage and break up. You all laughed at me for scolding me and even wanted to beat me. What do you think now? Regret! If nothing else, just say the king of Daughter Country. Look at the Silent Eyes of the Master towards her, Only me, the only person who came here, could understand the meaningful meaning of the expression of parting. If it hadn’t been for his own greater future and for fear that he would have stayed as the Queen’s husband long ago, how could there be a later story? There was also the scene when the master was robbed, fighting against the Vine spirit and the tree monster to recite poems, flirting with the peach tree fairy, and you sang me and me. It was like suffering from difficulties, which was even higher than jumping disco, I’m happy to sing karaoke. What’s more, you beat the white bone essence three times, which annoyed the master. He crazily read the cudgel, which made you die of pain and finally kicked you out. Why? Because the love relationship between him and Mrs. bones was gone, your three fights led them to continue their relationship after 30 years. In fact, the master was the one who understood and felt the most comfortable when we traveled westward. When we thought it was the most dangerous and life-and-death, the master was as peaceful as Mount Tai, because he knew in his heart that he had the strongest rear desk and backer. After learning the scriptures, although we all got what we needed, you still suffered some losses if we really wanted to talk about merit, ability and level. You see, we have five mentors and apprentices, Now the master is high above others, and he is a national leader in charge of religious affairs. My gaolaozhuang modern agriculture and animal husbandry demonstration park is booming. I will go to the Moon Palace in ten and a half days, bring some grain and vegetable seeds by the way, and develop some genetically modified varieties, now it is a super trust with more than 100 large enterprises. Monk Sha’s aquaculture industry and sand mining field are also getting bigger and bigger. Besides, he also has some real estate development. It is said that recently he opened a Wuzhou rolling door company and partnered with others to set up an abalone House, really rolling, rijindoujin. After Bai Longma went back, his son attacked his father’s jue. Because of the halo of returnees and the Buddha’s shining light, he played a powerful role in the crown prince party and stood out. His future was limitless. However, you, a master who gave up his life and forgets his life in the great undertaking of learning scriptures, still live alone till now, dwelling in the mountain of flowers and fruits and living by picking wild fruits and drinking mountain springs. I am really sad for you. I really don’t understand why you live such a hard life with your great ability and the high quality tourism resources of Huaguo Mountain? The Bull Demon King has been dead for many years. Mrs. bones introduced you to find Princess Iron Fan. You have been in her stomach. I think you are really a good match. How is the specific situation? I hope you can write a letter to see the report. If you two can get along well with Qin Jin, I will send you a gift from the fruit wholesale company, which will also be counted as our brothers. Let’s make a memorial. Chang ‘e sent Yutu to invite again, so write it here! I wish you an early success and a good relationship. 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