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When it snowed, I went to the mountains. The weather in Chengdu was surprisingly sunny that day. When I got on the bus, my mother came to see me off. I saw her stumbling steps and aging wrinkles waving goodbye to me. She didn’t leave me at home for the Spring Festival. Maybe she respected my choice or the reservation of love in her heart. She kept watching me at the end of my vision when the car turned in its sight, I turned around and saw her still standing in the cold wind. Was it because my filial piety was too stingy, looking at the memory that went away slowly, my eyes were wet. The car is moving fast, our emotions are stepping back, and we are lost in the wasteland. The car slowly drove out of the familiar City and flew on the broad and flat highway. The bright sunlight fell on the window of the car, splashing the glittering starlight, watching the scenery on both sides of the road running back suddenly, like the foot print of life chasing the minute and second of time. I didn’t say anything. I looked at the distant clouds and listened to the sounds of nature played by sunshine and the Earth. I have neither thought to think, nor emotional wings to touch, so that all natural things can be exiled in an instant. When the car arrived at Jiangyou, it was obvious that it felt cold. Although the car window was closed, it still saw the withered leaves trembling in the cold wind and the thin and lonely fields. In front of a gas station, we stopped to refuel and saw a lot of cars and passers-by rushing home before the Spring Festival. There was an inexplicable sadness rolling in our minds. People were all going home for the Spring Festival, but at this time, I let a bowl and chopsticks missing on the table of the members in my family. What kind of emotional loss is that. At the boundary of Guangyuan, we can see the white ribbon hanging on the top of the mountain from a distance, which is like a wandering picture scroll. My friend said that I was going to enter the mountain. My mood that I seldom saw snow was suddenly enlightened. Although I didn’t have a unique fondness for snow, I still influenced the innocence of snow. We had a short rest in a small town entering the mountain and inquired whether we could go up the mountain. After getting the reply that we could enter the mountain, we set out and went forward. We are running in the Canyon of the mountain. I have seen the magnificence and beauty of Emei Mountain, but compared with these simple mountains, it has other magnificence. Sitting in the car, we could only see the body of the mountain passing by the car. We couldn’t see the feet of the head of the mountain at all. We ran across the waist of the mountain. The road was a little rough and bumpy, but our interest increased a lot. There is a clear and transparent stream flowing slowly at the foot of the mountain, and the snow velvet in the non-sunny place in the mountain is like a scenery decorated for the mountain. Occasionally, I also see the shaped and irregular icicles, which slide through my vision. Looking at these amazing scenes, we took out our mobile phones and took beautiful pictures one by one. Unfortunately, when I left, I forgot the most important tool, camera. Only by picking up these wonderful moments. The Mountain became more and more steep, the road became more and more bumpy, and the snow became more and more visible everywhere. Later, I saw sporadic snowflakes falling outside the window. It was really nine days, one day we saw several climates. It was still sunny in Chengdu, but it was falling snow and dancing here. Walking along, snow was also seen on both sides of the road at first, and then the snow stood across the road unceremoniously. The car passed by the snow and could hear the sound of scrape. Snowflakes fell on the window, with rhombus wings, he refused to leave for a long time, and finally broke the dream of sunshine in the flying airflow. The snow on the road was scattered at first, and then the snow embraced into a cluster, covering the whole road. Only the snow-white and smooth skin could realize that it was the road. On the road, there was only white snow in the picture, and there were also branches standing in the snow and slightly trembling grass, which also showed black and white. We drove carefully on the snowy road, because we were afraid of slipping, and our speed slowed down a lot. Driving in the snow is also a rare skill. Our friends who drove didn’t walk through the snow, so after walking for a while, they sweated profusely. In the cold mountains, we unexpectedly forgot the existence of cold, which was a state of tension that was both mysterious and mysterious. At the edge of a very steep cliff, our car finally ran aground. The car launched shocks again and again, but in the end it was spinning in the snow, but we didn’t want to move forward, after many efforts, we had to get off the bus. The cart hesitated to move forward, but it didn’t take long. Finally, with the help of many of us, the car stared at the snow, move half step. It’s really not easy to push a cart in the snow. Some of the snow has melted. People slip on it and push the cart forward vigorously. Their feet slide and their hands are weak. They have to fall to the ground accidentally, when I was pushing the cart, my broken hand skin and finger blood fell on the white snow, just like the blooming red peony. When we were exhausted, we couldn’t figure out a way. At this time, the snow in the sky was still falling, just like a painter’s pen and ink waving, his head and clothes were covered with dissolved snowflakes, and with the hot breath, it was a romantic scene. Fortunately, there are several cars coming one after another. Because the mountain road at this time seemed very narrow in the snow, and it was not wrong for the car. People on the car came down to watch, of course, more was to give advice, the experienced driver said something I was terrified: your car doesn’t have a chain, so you can’t get up. If you want it, push it back and wait for the snow on the road to melt. It’s really easy to say, I think it may be more difficult to push it back than it is now. Finally, with the help of all the people, we made a way to get a truck in front of us, found an iron chain and pulled our car up the mountain. This is also a very dangerous sport. The car skids in the snow itself, and the distance between the car and the car in the front is to test the driver’s technology. But there is no other way, and we have to do so. We got on the car again. Under the traction of the car in front, our car also slowly moved forward. In a corner, Because the car in front didn’t notice the distance of our car, we went straight ahead, and our car had no time to reflect it. We saw the car crashing into a big stone on the roadside, oh my God, there was an abyss of several hundred meters on the right side. Fortunately, the driver was so quick that he hit the steering wheel hurriedly. Although his body had been thrown away from the passenger car by the car, he still controlled the direction of the car, we were all shocked by the cold sweat. Ha ha, I was also afraid of death. The thriller finally passed, and we arrived at the top of the mountain in this fearful driving. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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