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You have been away from Yangjie for half a month. I think you have gone to heaven. Because my son-in-law has read an article about the whereabouts of souls after the death of ordinary people on the Buddha website, and he knows that the souls of ordinary people who are as kind and kind as you cannot ascend to heaven immediately, only after receiving the Inquisition and judgement from the judge in the world of the ghost can we ascend to heaven. This process takes about ten days. Maybe you will say that your mother-in-law is illiterate and has something to say. You can say during the sacrifice, what letter should you write? Isn’t it difficult for me? Mother-in-law, some words are hard to say and can only be expressed in writing. Why did you forget that father-in-law went to heaven several years earlier? He is rough and fluent, but ask him to read it to you. Mother-in-law, in Yang, you are a virtuous wife, a filial wife, a selfless sister-in-law, and a loving mother. You and your father-in-law got married as a child bride at the age of 13. At a young age, it is reasonable. In addition to managing the housework of a family of eight or nine people, you also take the initiative to work in the fields to reduce the amount of labor of your uncle, father-in-law and so on. For decades, you and your father-in-law have helped each other and treated each other as guests. You are very filial to your parents-in-law, and you have never said a few heavy words or blushed once before the old man. Grandpa has a bad temper, so it is difficult for ordinary people to serve him. But he spoke highly of you. He made use of the convenience of being a blacksmith to go home and publicize your virtue and filial piety. Later, when grandpa passed away and his family was not as good as before, you helped your father-in-law to shoulder the burden of the family resolutely. You two lived frugally by farming, planting soil, raising chickens and feeding pigs, saving money and goods, helping third uncle and Mangu finish their studies, making them jump out of the farm gate and complete their grandfather’s death care successfully. Imagine, if you don’t have the idea of putting big family first and selflessness, can you do it? You have given birth to three men and one woman, and you love and care for your children with all your heart (with all due respect, my eldest brother-in-law always regards himself as the eldest brother, The arrogant and domineering character has a direct relationship with you), delicious food is always given to children, and they eat badly. In your words, children are growing up and cannot be hungry. You also care for your nephew and niece sincerely. Otherwise, during the critical period of your illness, will there be two grandsons, granddaughters-in-law and my brother-in-law taking care of you by the sickbed until you die? Will two grandsons fly back from Shenzhen after half a day before your funeral to see you up the mountain? Although you didn’t enter the school, you can speak eloquently and understand everything. You are humble and courteous, get along well with neighbors, and have a good reputation around you. Mother-in-law, the judge in the dim world asked which child and daughter-in-law were filial to you in the Yang world, and you would surely say that everyone was filial. You don’t have to do that, just tell the truth. In fact, I know what happened, although you never mentioned it to me. In those years, my brother-in-law treated my father-in-law like that, and you were not much better than you who were ill in bed. Let’s just say that during the period of your critical illness and death, he, as the eldest son, did not stay with you for a day, let alone for your death. You morning 9.1 ten died, I full brother-in-law immediately call him, But never got through! After being told by his aunt, he didn’t come back from the private primary school in the county until 5 pm. It was a bit funny to say that he had written several couplets and mother-worshiping articles as your funeral at school more than a month in advance. The article asked you to die at night, but it was the first time that you saved the boss’s face. Unexpectedly, you left in the morning, which made him make a fool of himself. You got sick last year and it was a little inconvenient to move. You lived with my second uncle’s family. You have drunk enough of his wife from the coal mine. Every morning, her family basically ignores you when they go out for breakfast. Chinese food is very late because of the busy barbecue business. You should pay attention to eating food when you are sick, but she never cares about it. She only makes dishes based on the taste of her own family. As long as you have any objection, she will be furious. I bought a few Jin of Loach for you to cook soup and drink, so I forced her to eat it with spicy food. It happened that my second uncle was a tall man who was extremely scared, and he even dared not to be angry in front of this short and thin woman. Her relatives gave you lean pork on festivals, but she baked it for money. On the eve of the new year, you didn’t even have a meal of pork that you were satisfied! Mother-in-law, to be honest, it was my brother-in-law and my wife who served you the longest and most thoughtful during your stay. As a party concerned, you are always clear about this. As our daughter and son-in-law, although we have fulfilled our obligations and responsibilities, we will never be able to repay your kindness to my family. Mother-in-law, according to Buddhist karma, your old age should be happy, but how can you feel sad and lonely?, I think there must be endless happiness and joy waiting for you in heaven. May you and your father-in-law live a peaceful and happy life in heaven! Mother-in-law, this letter was burnt to you on the day of your sanqi. When you received it, you gave me a dream, lest I hang it. Wish you and your father-in-law all the best! Fool’s son-in-law autograph ancient calendar September 3, 2009 [Responsible editor: Leaves]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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