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Last night

One night, cricket sang the original, loud and monotonous song, accompanying me to the midnight. I don’t know whether I mistakenly broke into strange and novel places and sang for relieving loneliness and seeking harmony; Or did I sing for excitement and excitement in a comfortable and rain-free place? I can’t understand his feelings. IRead More



With my walker’s footsteps, walking at the end of the Earth and the end of the sky, I will break through every night, wake up every dawn and walk out of my walker’s Road; With my walker’s Road, compose the song of my walker and record the truth of every fall. —– Inscription Mr. LuRead More



[Editor’s note] a lazy mood, a lazy life, a lazy woman …… experience carefully, all these are in this lazy text. At dusk, when the setting sun went west, the roaring sound of the sky still came into my dirty ears uninvited. That was telling me that you were still in the city and couldRead More