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Science is the last step in the development of human intelligence, and it can be regarded as the highest and most unique achievement of human culture. Science is the best way to make people brave. The only purpose of science is to alleviate the suffering of human existence, and scientists should consider most people. Science is by no means and will never be a finished book. Every major achievement will bring new problems. Science is endless, and it is an eternal mystery. Any development will have new and serious difficulties as time goes. Science is an honest thing, which depends on the accumulation of labor and wisdom of many people. Science requires all people to give everything willingly without ulterior motives in order to receive the heavy Cross Medal of calm knowledge. Science has no boundaries, because it belongs to the wealth of all mankind and the torch to illuminate the world, but scholars belong to the motherland. Scientific non-obstacles, willing mind. Once science is inserted with the wings of fantasy, it can win victory. Scientific achievements by 1.1 drops accumulated, only long-term accumulation ability by drip merged into sea. Science can never be obtained without work. There is no other way to obtain it except sweat streaming all over the face. Passion, fantasy and desire with the whole body and mind cannot replace labor. There is no easy science in the world. What matters in science is the research, not the individual researcher. Science nourishes young people and comforts old people; She adds beauty to a happy life and protects you in your unfortunate moments. Only by obeying nature can we control nature. Scientific reading means lighting the torch. Every syllable of every word launches Mars. We should turn life into a scientific dream, and then turn the dream into reality. Surprise is the seed of science, and no great discovery can be made without bold speculation. The boundary of science is like the horizon. The closer you get to it, the farther it moves. What is the greatest gift from science to mankind? It is the power to make human beings believe in truth. A scientist should take the comments of later generations into consideration, without considering the verbal abuse or praise at that time. The best thing we can experience is mystery, which is the source of all real art and science. People who progress in science but lag behind in morality are not moving forward, but retreating. There is only one truth, which is not in religion, but in science. Scientific research can eliminate superstition, because it encourages people to think and observe things according to causality. Learn to do rough work in science. We should study facts, compare facts and accumulate facts. If there are no creative people who can think and judge independently, the forward development of society will be unimaginable. When scientists are frightened by power, science will become a cartilage patient. For scientists, diligence is the mother of success. The foundation of science is a healthy body, and the pursuit of science requires special bravery. Conquering the fortress of science is just like fighting a war. There will always be someone sacrificing and someone hurting. We must devote ourselves to science. Scientists do not create anything, but reveal the existing hidden reality in nature, and artists create real analogies. You need to know the essence of scientific methods. Don’t listen to what a scientist says to you, but watch carefully what he is doing. Before you want to climb to the top of science, you must thoroughly study the preliminary knowledge of science. When you haven’t fully understood the previous things, you should never do things in the future. Science respects facts and cannot make up reasons casually to attach a theory. On the road of science, there is no smooth road, only thorns. Considering simple things very complex, new fields can be found; Considering complex phenomena very simple, new laws can be found. Independent thinking ability is a necessary talent for scientific research and invention creation. Any more important scientific creation and invention in history is inseparable from the method of the inventor to see problems independently and deeply. It is not a bad thing for a person to go through detours and make mistakes on the road of scientific exploration, let alone shame. He should be brave to admit and correct mistakes in practice. Invention is 1% inspiration and 99% sweat. Every great achievement of science is based on bold fantasy. Once scientists make achievements, they should forget what they have done and often consider what they should do. The true scientific spirit should develop from correct criticism and self-criticism. Real Scientific achievements must stand the test of facts. With such double guarantees, we can do it with confidence and courage, and we will not dig the trap of arrogance by ourselves. The issue of knowledge is a scientific issue, which can not be hypocritical and proud at all, but the decision is the opposite, that is, honest and humble attitude. Once people who are good at thinking are free from the dazzling influence of traditional prejudice, they will find the best evidence of human’s great ability among the lower ancestors of human beings, and from the long evolution of human beings in the past, we will find the confidence and reasonable basis of human beings to achieve a higher future. Scientific inspiration is by no means waiting for it. If there is any accidental opportunity for scientific discovery, then this accidental opportunity can only be given to those who are educated and good at independent thinking, to those who have perseverance, not to lazy people. In scientific work, few people who are unwilling to step forward beyond the facts can understand the facts. How to distinguish promising clues is the essence of studying art. Scientists who have the ability to think independently and can judge the evidence according to their own value rather than the concept of dominating at that time are most likely to know the potential significance of something that is indeed a new thing. If we better realize that science is only a way to establish the relationship between human and nature and social environment (although it is a very important way), maybe we will understand more about the intrinsic value of physics to human beings. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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