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I have been in Guilin for ten days. Every day when I first arrived, several friends accompanied me to go, watch, swim and play. I have already known the way home. Last night, I made an appointment with my friends: tomorrow morning, I will walk around the river by myself. You go to the Internet cafe at home! You won’t lose it! Friend laughed and said. It’s better if you lose it, don’t look for me if you lose it. I said seriously. That’s not good. Your child knows my phone number. What should I do? It’s okay, you can change the number. In the morning, I packed up and went on the road alone with my camera on my back. I walked slowly and freely. There were crowds of people walking around the river, some walking alone and some walking together, there are also tricycles. Today, I don’t want to go to places where people often go. I want to go to the place where my friend took me to touch conch the day before yesterday, through the newly built buildings and quaint wooden houses, the shabby stilted building was crooked and crooked, and the hutongs up and down came to the river. Along the way, I saw the peasant woman selling vegetables with a shoulder carrying a shoulder bending, and the shoulder carrying a shoulder flickering, every time I met an old man who picked vegetables, I would watch her far away and sigh their hard work. The day before yesterday, I also met an old woman in her seventies, who was originally small, and her waist was bent under the pressure of carrying the load all the year round, making her look smaller. She came from the opposite side of the river and spent five cents on the floating bridge, washing away the soil on the vegetables by the river. I stepped forward and said to her: How old are you? Seventy multi. He said. More than seventy people still do this, can you pick it? I tried to pick up his burden as soon as I said, but I could barely lift it. I didn’t bring a camera that day. I really wanted to take a photo of him, so I remembered to bring a camera today. After the old woman left with a shoulder, another woman came to wash her vegetables in the water, including delicious balsam pear, bright purple eggplant and leek …… how much is it? A. Buy me some. Then I bent down to pick two balsam pear and some eggplant. She said: two yuan, I can pick two jin less. The women here are really capable, I can’t pick them up. I said to her, after all, I watched her go up the high slope. Thinking about what happened yesterday all the way, I unknowingly went to the edge of the village. I left as soon as it was the road, but I went straight to a family, and there was no way ahead. I hurried back and couldn’t find the way I walked the day before yesterday. A man came over in front of me. I came forward and asked: can this reach the Riverside? Can. I walked forward on the stone road, and it was just a few steps to the river. There were green and Dense bamboos, and the bamboo leaves were really large, which were more than one foot long. I walked down the steps. The river was not the place I was looking for. I lost my way and climbed ashore again. I walked back all the way until I reached the road and walked back a few more steps. Suddenly, my eyes suddenly lit up, I have found my way. When approaching the shore, I saw an old woman coming with vegetables: how to sell? A one. The old man replied, “I bought some, and she put down her burden. How old are you? I asked her. Seventy-one. Seventy-one can provoke such a heavy burden. As I said, I tried to lift the gall. It was not strong enough to lift it. The weight was 40 to 50 Jin. Not heavy, only 30 Jin. She said. I took a picture of her when she served the dishes for me, and I took another picture of her when she took the lead. When I came to the shore, I wanted to walk on the floating bridge today. I slowly climbed onto the floating bridge. I couldn’t walk stably. I thought it would be good to walk to the center of the river, but a motorcycle came slowly, the bridge shook even harder, so I hurriedly turned back and walked down the bridge. Sitting on the stone steps, it seemed that the pedestrians who crossed the bridge could cross the bridge with their shoulders in their seventies. I dared not cross the bridge empty-handed. When I went ashore to return, I saw all kinds of agricultural products in the narrow hutong. It turned out to be a market here. I came back and got up, chicken, duck, fish, goose, fruits and vegetables …… everything. I bought peanuts, sweet potato leaves, white melons, and balsam pear and eggplant that I bought when I just came here, which were enough for me to take, so I wanted to go back home. I walked out of the market casually along an intersection. When I reached the main road, I didn’t know whether to go left or right. Whatever, it is the road to Beijing. I will go to the right, walk wow, walk more and more like the road we have traveled. There is a motorcycle coming in front, and I will come forward and ask: how to go to Bali street? You went wrong, go back. I only had to turn around. After walking for a while, I came across a fork in the road. Whether to go forward or to the right, I went to the right. But it seemed that I hadn’t passed this road, but I saw the tall building in front of me, it should be right. I went forward, and the more I walked, the more I doubted that I was going the wrong way, but this time the direction must be right. Only when you ask the road can you know that you run into the intersection and then turn left. I didn’t go far to turn left, and my friend came with information: The dinner. I was wondering that I had gone the wrong way again, so I replied to the message: I am lost. Buildings are being built on both sides of this road. There is a lot of dust on the road. I am really good. I didn’t take a straight road today. The clothes were soaked with sweat, and I didn’t want to step any more. At this time, I saw the Haval building. The road was wrong and the direction was right. I was excited and accelerated. When I stood at the door, I sent another message: I am lost and can’t go back today. Only then did I see that I didn’t answer my friend’s phone. I opened the door slowly with the key and walked gently to the back room: I’m back. I know you can’t lose it. I think you are holding the phone, so I am not afraid. If you can’t find the way, you can say hello to the address. I will pick you up. I’m not that stupid. Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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