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[Introduction]: time is always unconsciously, passing in a hurry in the depth of my memory, my heart is always searching, dreams are like maple leaves in autumn, falling down in every corner that can be touched by eyes, holding the imaginary pen, touching the color of love and writing the full call. After dinner, IRead More


When I

When I love you again, my heart trembles again and again. I know my problem is not that I don’t love you. It’s just that this love is a bit too extravagant for me. Once I naively thought that I would follow you to the horizon, but the real life made me have to giveRead More


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[Introduction] 12345 is my job, but I want to take it as my lifelong career and continue to do it earnestly and earnestly forever, using my love, enthusiasm, sincerity, patience, serve the citizens meticulously and repay the society! To be a glorious convenience service person, I have no regrets! Time flies like a shuttle. BlinkRead More



My father seemed to have a little improvement after taking that pair of Chinese Medicine. The appetite obviously becomes better. Looking at the full table of dishes a few days ago, he just raised the chopsticks, but did not eat. I once asked strangely: the taste of the dish is good, why don’t you eatRead More