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In an instant

It seems that after a century, it is me who let go, I am still missing, I am crazy, I am not destined, I am affectionate, and I am helpless,, I can only sigh lightly why I am crazy and drunk. Where is my lost body? When will I find myself again? I thought it would be good… Disguise for too long, if you are too tired, if you really don’t see it, it will be good, the wind will pass without trace, the flowers will end, and the person who loves you most is me, how can you be willing to make me sad ,,, my favorite lover, why do you love others behind my back… Maybe it’s my fault, the single cycle over and over again I’m thinking, reflecting, entangled and forgetting maybe, so lost myself will live happily, as long as the night does not come, I won’t know myself, and I won’t understand my loneliness. Living a good life is really good. If life is covered by a layer of haze, I will be covered by loneliness all my life, all the heart knots are connected together. Is it that you are desperate to tell yourself again and again that you cannot miss, recall, let alone, envy others no matter how good they are, it won’t be my own. I can’t complain, I can’t be jealous, I can’t. No one forced me to forget. I forced myself again, at the same time, I still miss if I really loved it…. I will understand why I can’t let go of such a section full of hypocrisy and deception, which hurt myself. I know it’s not love, but helplessness, at that time, it was just a kind of dependence. In fact, I was not really unable to let it go. I was just unwilling, just unwilling, right? I know clearly.,.. It is a foregone conclusion. Left them. Less than a month, suddenly, strangers, hehe, once. You said you wanted to be a friend, you don’t want to be embarrassed, but now who is the stranger who disdain, who despises, who hates me, maybe that’s not hate. I can remember nothing, but once I say the last sentence and the last sentence, I will be a person of two worlds. My sincerity, being stepped on by you, a person who doesn’t understand reflection and right and wrong destroys all of this in this way. He destroys all of this and hurts others with his own maturity, once when I am such a person, I didn’t know what kind of feeling the person hurt by me was now…. After that, I finally understood that when I finished writing this article, I found out that there were so many words that I didn’t say. It turned out that I am was true, really, nonsense and annoying, I am tired of whether I am stupid or not, whether it is worth or not, no matter what others think, no matter what the consequences are, I will not wait for some unworthy people like you, I just sort out the people I can never wait for and relax the time. It can really be cured. I once felt sad, and after a long time, I forgot that kind of pain, that’s why I hurt myself without hesitation. There is only ten days left. The only hope is that no matter good or bad, if you leave, what should I do. Where [The clouds and smoke in the past appeared like chaotic lines] at about 9 o’clock, from the place where the phone bill was paid, it was dark, and the street lamps along the road were still dim as always. Find a good person and get married, this was the first sentence I heard. I stood in front of the trumpet and listened to his heartbreaking singing. It was a kind of lonely, lonely and helpless persistence, hiding deep reluctance, I can’t guarantee that the next person I meet is a good person. What is the definition of a good person? Is it true that a good person is really good? There are still a burst of associations in my heart, I still have a lot of memories, a lot of memories, a lot of concerns and unforgettable habits that I can’t change. Only with the extension of a certain moment can I come like sea water gathering, passing by the middle school, I was infected with the lively atmosphere. In the brightly lit streets, there were several special police cars parked. On a large shelf, dozens of Pigsy carried their wives, only looking at a red dress, A bright red lady, too far away, I just appreciate the hazy beauty too much to give up, too much emotion, the past has to, sorrow is like a chaotic line, the past clouds, the floating clouds are like the golden fleeting years. After many years of noisy life, I finally understand that it is not all of me, and love is only related to my life, fate didn’t give me a happy and sweet love. I also pretended to be kind and laughed bitterly. I also experienced ups and downs, pains, wounds and disappointments. It was just such melancholy tonight, let me suddenly understand the loneliness and deep helplessness in my heart. I want to be tired, but I can’t reach the place I want and the peak I want, the life which is not as good as always can not be completely free and easy, because the desire is dissatisfied, and I never know how to be content. All these are memories that I can’t forget constantly for the past, it’s better for a person to know everything that can’t be put aside. No matter what he says, he still knows that he won’t open the window and turn on the air conditioner so foolishly, I won’t go out to buy it in the middle of the night, and I won’t use shampoo as shower gel to talk something nonsense. Since what I told you is right, I will definitely do it myself, no matter what happens, I will forget how good it is to look at the stars alone in the middle of the night. I want to sneak out again and go further. I will feel the sadness and beauty of the night alone, I am not decadent, there is nothing worth abolishing Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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