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Different mood, be kind to yourself inscription on July 1st, 2010, I graduated. On July 1st, 2011, they graduated. It’s been a year. Find yourself a quiet time to think about the past year. I once wrote a sentence like this: it is painful and happy, and I feel something wrong. Because I have a simple and fulfilling life, happiness, dreams, love and friends who care about each other are all happy. But what the pain will have is just too little. What is the relationship between happiness and pain? The simple point is that my happiness is greater than my pain. Then use happiness and pain to commemorate the first anniversary of my graduation. (1) Life and Poetry my life is simple and regular. Simple, just do whatever you want, there won’t be too many constraints. This kind of life is what everyone wants to pursue, but we are forced by the pressure of life and the environment we are in, making ourselves too tired and living too tired. Life is always involuntarily., ah, that’s it! There will be more complaints and obedience in life. Many people have fallen into such a life. I, I hate this kind of life. Others will say: do you think it is possible to live in this world? I had to shook her head. However, I can try to live a simple life and try to find peace for myself in the bustle. Life is regular, of course, we must have a plan. I have made detailed plans for what I do every day, every week, every month and even every year, and attached the reward and punishment system, which I call for short: happy life. I have been following my own happy life plan. I once joked to my friends: my life is an epic. But he smiled. I didn’t argue, because poetry comes from life, and life comes from mood. Only you can know what your life is like, how can others understand your mood. Now, I still jokingly said: My life is an epic, an epic that can continue to change. (2) Fool, Fool, blessing old people often talk about: Who has what blessing. An ordinary word contains great truth. Farmers have the happiness of harvest, old people have the happiness of children and grandchildren, poor people have the happiness of being fed and warmed, rich people also have the happiness of being filled with money. In fact, everyone has his own happiness and the right to seek happiness. I will never waste the right to find happiness, experience life attentively, find happiness of all sizes, and carefully collect it. In order to share your happiness with you and leave beautiful memories for yourself. What is happiness? Happiness means having a stable job, having a warm nest to store a tired heart for a day, and suddenly receiving encouragement messages from friends. Happiness means that you can control your spare time at will, or go shopping; Or stay in the library to read books; Or pick up the camera to take some beautiful scenery at will; Or make a sumptuous lunch to share with friends. These are all my definitions of happiness. Do you think this is happiness? If you complain too much about life, will you still find too much happiness? Being a fool in life, with a heart of gratitude for life, happiness is everywhere. Please remember a word: Stupid is as stupid. (3) the word “stick to the ideal” is a bit serious. However, in this realistic and cruel society, in order to realize one’s ideal, one has to choose to stick to one’s belief alone. Otherwise, you will spend your whole life like a walking corpse. Would you like it? I will firmly say: no! Because dream is here, so I am here. We don’t have to ask ourselves how far we are from the ideal, as long as we are walking towards the ideal. There are tears, pain and loss. Please don’t give up because we still have our own ideals, which is our pride. For example, I wrote a poem called green tail grass before. Who will think of you coming to something that will not blossom or bear fruit, bullying and beating your slender branches, lowering your head and saying nothing about autumn, there is only the root of the fire. When I think of the spring of the year, you are a living thing to understand. Now I bend down and have my own dream. This is our pride. (4) How many people believe in love in this society? No one will know, only we know whether we still believe in love? I have never been in love. But I always believe in love. Believe in Love. Love a person is also self-love. Love makes us realize that we can become better people. Believe in Love. Don’t give up because love will bring harm. Love needs to be defeated and fought repeatedly to find true love. Only those who still believe in love after being scarred can understand love. Believe in Love. The only thing in the world that is happier than being loved is to love; The only thing that is luckier than being loved is to find someone worthy of love in the vast sea of people. You can not believe everlasting, you can not believe the oath of eternal love. But please believe in love. (5) How are you? Elements of graduation in June, sadness, parting, traveling bag, platform. Seeing their figures embracing and crying, I remembered us. When we graduated, we pretended to be strong, talking and laughing respectively. After turning around, we shed tears, because we will stop here. For one year, we may have lost contact with each other due to hard work, busy work, and loneliness. I believe we will care more about each other, because we have always been brothers and sisters. Dear friend, sincerely greet: Long time no see, how are you? (6) life after pain is inevitable without pain. We should not magnify the feeling of pain, put away tears and move on. Because life does not stop. 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