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Today, I was on the bus, and a middle-aged woman stood beside me. When I saw her for the first time by accident, I thought gently in my mind. Deja vu. When I heard her first sentence, I tried to recall it instinctively. More familiar. Original true. The last time I saw her, I sawRead More



[Introduction] slowly fall in love, like a lover, in fact, many times I stay quietly, look at other people’s words, feel that I am so humble, dare not comment, I am afraid that my lonely words will bring displeasure to others; I wandered aimlessly on the Internet every day and met occasionally, so I enteredRead More



[Introduction] the silent Bluestone also became the platform for us to dive. We stood high on the top of the stone. Then, a fierce man fell into the water and disappeared. For a while, but our figure emerged from the downstream dozens of meters away….. Summer is coming soon. This is our favorite season. AlthoughRead More