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My hometown is in the misty and rainy south of the Yangtze River. What impressed me most was the narrow streets in childhood and the dim yellow street lamp like a kind old man. It was estimated that at that time, endless poetry began to surge in my heart, which also laid the foreshadowing for my future road full of thorns. Until now, even though I have been looking for romantic affairs everywhere for a whole night, my heart is full of genes of kindness. These damned genes make me unable to be cruel to some hooligans, even for some shrews who are jealous of my success pointing at me and scolding me, I can’t give up kindness and take fierce resistance. Maybe since I broke my hand, in my mind, like being pulled out some grass to use force, that idea disappeared early, instead of the tolerance which could be called degeneration completely, therefore, I always regard my tolerance as my corruption. Even if I find a woman and get blackmailed by the prostitute, I will forgive the prostitute calmly, I was afraid of hitting my already fragile brain. If I could use money to settle it, I would use money to settle it. If I had a life, many exciting affairs could happen. I have never liked my father, which may be my greatest narrowness in the world. This narrowness also comes from my father, who is narrower than me. I broke my hand and broke my fracture. I couldn’t find a good hospital in that poor country. The pain was painful, but I couldn’t get treatment, I also don’t understand why our government doesn’t appoint some doctors who can correct fractures to do something practical for the future of our motherland in the countryside. This is also something I have figured out until now, that is, it is more difficult for a person to consider for another unfamiliar person than to have a love affair with ten beautiful women one day. In the 1970 s, people’s craze for political struggle was beyond our imagination at that time, which indirectly led to the culprit of psychological imbalance caused by my fracture not being effectively treated. I don’t know why a society should not do what it should work hard to do but engage in others. The worse the person is, the higher the level of that person is, the more it can prove that man is the strong in Chinese society, only the strong have the qualification and ability to make the weak miserable. I think my childhood is a terrible time, and I lack the care I deserve in the society. However, what a family gives me is that I can’t get the comfort of my heart, and I am used to frowning at such a young age, it looks like a bitter gourd face. I think I am essentially a person with low quality. If I have high quality, I will definitely talk and laugh like drinking a glass of wine for this kind of suffering. But I am not like that. Once I have suffering, I will show pain in my eyes, and my facial expressions will be distorted. These strange expressions are often laughed at by others, But I laughed at it. My balsam pear face just couldn’t laugh. Sometimes I feel that I am born to be a good material for being a master, and I can’t hide anything in my heart. I always have the desire to pour out, because I always encounter unhappy things, and there are always some distorted thoughts in my mind, I don’t even know why, I always want something right, but I just can’t get it. I remember the clearest time when I went home with my father on the night road. That was to drink at the family’s home. I suddenly said like a genius that people had no feelings. My father, who was close to writing, criticized me severely and blamed me for not knowing anything. I agree that I am wrong, and also believe that my father is right, but my father actually thinks that you have feelings for others, why do you always look at others with a glaring look, never laugh at others. And I think there is no emotion between people, but I like smiling and greeting people. In my opinion, at that time, my heart was transparent. I didn’t think there were bad guys in the world. I thought people were all good and kind, these Foolish thoughts are also a kind of manifestation of low quality, and the manifestation of poor quality still lasts for a long time. Even if there are too many harsh words, I still feel that we should tolerate the world, Our great teacher taught us that everyone has advantages and disadvantages. We should learn from others’ advantages and tolerate others’ shortcomings, so I didn’t think carefully about others’ harsh words, that kind of tolerance to those people made me more and more uncomfortable and confused. I was not a smart child since I was a child. Even if I was smart once, I was the first one in the whole class to figure out a difficult question. The teacher who had always been pretending to compare with me unexpectedly said to the whole class, I am copied from a girl named a girl in front of me. That girl was a celebrity in our class at that time. She was not only beautiful but also very sexy. She must be very comfortable. At that time, I had the idea of being a girl, but there is another scientific argument listed in the textbook, and there are also sexual fantasies in childhood. This theory is to give a step to people who like grass since childhood, as if they were innocent and forced. In fact, it’s bullshit, there are also many bullshit things in the hearts of many children. I still clearly remember that at that time, dozens of guys were chasing a book one day for a group of children who were only about 12 years old. I thought it was a martial arts novel, which turned out to be a manuscript of a girl’s heart. I clearly remembered the excited expression on those boys’ faces, as if these manuscripts were a girl’s heart, after watching it, you can erect and do stretching exercises. Those guys who are not full of hair are more eager for women than those who have more hair. I always feel that the laws in this world are mainly for protecting women, if women do not have legal protection, as long as women walk on the streets, Ten rapists will appear within ten meters. At that time, because I had a knot in my heart all the time and had a strong inferiority for my arm which was not very good-looking, my strength was only in the strong inferiority, not in the strong psychedelic towards women, this has formed my habit of being polite to women, but the occupation of the opposite sex has never ebbed. It is impossible to take some sacred things as insurmountable canon in the bones of people with low quality like me. The reason why I was not as aggressive as other men in the same school was that I had the consciousness of inferior quality and never had the consciousness of beating others, which also made me safe for a long time. I dare say that if the absence of arms caused my strong self-abasement, it was estimated that my boy had already been broken, and that girl had already been a lamb under me. Therefore, my understanding of frustration is to make a beast like a person and respect others like respecting one’s own organs. I think the inferior quality in my bones is also the reason why I can’t be a great man like Marx. My bones are a pile of corrupted thoughts, even if this kind of thought has been baptized by the noble communist thought and the casting of the Lei Feng movement, it can not be stained with some powder like the pure moonlight and recited like poetry. Of course, these are also a level of my thoughts. I think whatever is possible to progress. That kind of inferior thoughts will suddenly evolve a little at a certain moment, but not a little bit, but epoch-making the same thoughts, in my dry wilderness grow a peach blossom Lin, this change I will 1.1 drops said out, I am absolutely confident that the ideas I have created are the same as those of Marx, which are accurate and unbreakable. I can absolutely guarantee it with my gender and organs. Later. [Editor in charge: Man Tree]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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