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[Introduction] do Chinese people have to treat their compatriots like this? On the contrary, the foreigners in the embassy made me feel more warm and gentle. To express my anger by borrowing a popular saying recently, the two devils of dog day took a whole month from submitting a passport to finally getting a visa. During that time, I stayed at home or went to school to help, but I was always thinking about my little red notebook in Beijing and the 1000 yuan ocean I had given. It was written on the visa application notice of the embassy that it took one to two weeks to process the passport, but it was only at the beginning that the so-called one to two weeks was just wishful thinking. Although the embassy is also located in Dongzhimen Street, it seems to be a little unlifting compared with the scale of Canadian and Australian embassies which frequently reach thousands of square meters. It is located in the east foreign diplomatic building, which is used together with several other African countries and some international companies. The so-called common use of a building is actually a good saying, which actually only occupies the area of one floor and one room. Door plug-in with a nameplate, in English and Chinese written Malawi People’s Republic embassy. There is an orange leather sofa with a little brown in the hall. Opposite the sofa is a secretary desk, which is surrounded by white engineering plastics commonly used in office buildings. A Chinese woman sits in it. A woman’s forehead is a little convex, her long hair is tied, her eyes are slightly concave, and her height is about 160. Her voice is always full of impatience when speaking. Before coming to the embassy of Malawian, she called this woman several times to inquire about the information she needed to carry and the specific location of the embassy, which was very necessary for a person who had never been abroad. However, the result of each time was that although I am made a long-distance call, she always hung up the phone for me before I began to care about my phone bill. When I came to the embassy and saw this woman, I said to Guo Guang privately that she had a face of Kafka. At first glance, she was fierce and not a good person. As expected, we came to apply for visas. He said that we were not like that, and even asked us to issue English certificates in Hanban. I think we can also find places to issue English certificates. If those migrant workers go out to work, where will they issue English certificates. This is a clear dilemma. I wanted to ask her to help translate, but on second thought, if she was willing to help translate, she would not embarrass us. Before I came to the embassy, I once heard the saying of tipping the secretary, but she did not do this to us. Later, after we finished the English letter, she looked at our invitation letter and said that the identity certificate of the person who needed the invitation letter was needed. At that time, we were furious. You didn’t make it clear in advance. Now you asked me for identity certificate and how to deal with it. The tone of speaking became obviously higher. This was a black man working in the embassy who came out and saw that we were in a wrong mood, so he consulted the secretary, looked at our invitation letter and told her that there was no problem. Let’s put the materials here and pay 1,000 yuan to leave. I saw the secretary took our materials impatiently and put them in the drawer beside her left leg. When the embassy staff gave us the receipt of 1000 yuan, the secretary let us leave. One week, no news. I think the file said one or two weeks, wait. There was no news for two weeks. I felt a little uneasy. I thought maybe they had something to delay. After three weeks, I finally couldn’t help calling to ask if there was no news. She said, “did the embassy call you? If not, you will wait. Bang, there is a busy tone on the phone. In the fourth week, she called again and asked. She said she would wait and hang up again. It was always impossible to wait like this, so I sent an e-mail to the Chinese embassy in Malawian to tell the situation. A few days later, someone from the embassy called me and asked me to get a visa. Later, when I came to Malawian, I learned from teacher Yang that the secretaries (Chinese secretaries) invited by these African countries were very hateful and all of them would have to be consumed. If the visa fee was 1000, then you must give him two thousand, or she will embarrass you in countless ways. In fact, the visa fee stipulated by the government of Malawian is 100 dollars, and the asking price is 1000 higher than the pricing. Hateful-Japanese. Teacher Yang said, after you sent me an email at that time, I called the embassy in the district and asked that the ambassador didn’t see your passport at all. He said that he would handle it for us as soon as possible, I knew that I must have been detained by these two devils without giving them. The two Devils knew that you were sent by the country, so they dared not ask you for tips, but they could deduct your passport. Do Chinese people have to treat their compatriots like this? On the contrary, the foreigners in the embassy made me feel more warm and gentle. To express the anger in my heart, I use a popular saying recently. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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