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Take photos with cattle and sheep with the old Tibetan people. If there is no tomorrow, let me have a good swim in the ancient city of Dali. The blue flagstones witness my footprints. When the sunset goes down, watch children playing in the ancient street. Put aside the complexity. If there is no today, I am adjacent to the sea. Bibo is my playmate. The waves hit my face. The salty seawater washed away the dust on my face. If there is no tomorrow, let me go to a shelter today to see the children there. Clear eyes, play a game with them, give them a warm hug and sweet cake, if there is no tomorrow, let me stay with him who I love today, even if I just sit quietly on the ground, there will be no disturbance. And sadness only quiet gazing and leaning together is also simple and beautiful if there is no tomorrow let me stay with my parents today listen to their stories about my childhood cooking with them and lying in my mother I slept on my father’s shoulder once in my arms, combed my mother’s hair once, beat my father’s back, held my parents’ hands and walked leisurely in the dusk. If there is no tomorrow, let me think about it today. All the things that have not been done have been done one by one to complete the promised things the promises that have not been fulfilled The regret is that if every one of them will use up one of mine today, if there is no tomorrow, I have so many things too late to do, am I too greedy? Or did you owe too much to yourself in the past? If there is still tomorrow, I will pick up those promises I made at the age of 16 again. Squeeze out the time dyed in the sponge. Force again. Don’t let it slip away easily from the fingers. If there is no tomorrow, if there is still tomorrow, if there is today we have grown up [Responsible editor: yi er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. Yesterday and Today, Wu Jiang’s… Be a person who never stops growing up Teacher Lily coughed with a strong nasal tone when she was in yoga class. Maybe it’s uncomfortable, she has less demonstration action today,… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 13, 2018) January 13, 2018: Yesterday, my sister and nephew Little David didn’t come to the Dongwan village of jinjiaba where my mother and I stayed temporarily,… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 12, 2018) January 12, 2018: The day before yesterday, I said, “my mother will go to Kunshan tomorrow.” However, yesterday, my mother did not go to Kunshan…