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Last weekend, I accompanied my friends to inspect a place called Bai Ruopu in Dahe West. Bai Ruopu was originally the boundary of Wangcheng City. With the expansion of the pilot area, it will also be included in dahexi real estate. There were seven or eight people in our group. Two cars drove there. Our car was Beijing Hyundai with Changsha license; The other was Lingzhi cross-country with Shanghai license, the owner of the car is a rich businessman whose family name is Wang who transfers assets from Shanghai to inland. He is born in Chongqing. He started his career in Shanghai and worked in the real economy. After the financial crisis broke out, he adjusted the investment direction and sold the entity, quit Shanghai, turn to stock market, fund and get involved in real estate. When I came to Changsha last year, I bought a villa in Ellis, which could be regarded as settling down. Maybe it was one of his N real estate houses, or a place for his mistress and mistress. At a teahouse at the Yingbin intersection, my friend told me that a wealthy businessman in Shanghai was driving here, so we drove Beijing Hyundai to Wuyi Avenue to Hexi. Our car led the way in front, and Lexus followed behind all the way. We didn’t know who was sitting in the car behind and what the rich businessman looked like. Because the national road from the West Bus Station to Ningxiang is still under construction, our team drove westward to the country garden building to the 319 National Road and then drove eastward, stop at a small village where the toll station is only one kilometer away from the National Highway. I saw a young beauty coming down from the Lexus car, and then a middle-aged man came down. My friends introduced me one by one, then they learned that the middle-aged man was the boss from Shanghai. He introduced me to a director of the government department and shook hands to greet me. Our car stopped at the gate of a farmer and walked towards a reservoir. Up to the reservoir levee, we can see that the three sides are surrounded by green mountains. The reservoir is located in the north and faces the South. The water surface is clear. Some people are fishing. There are several farmhouses along the mountain. Deep in the mountains, it is emerald green and, it is like a shy virgin who is raised in a Puritan boudoir without knowing. Everyone is amazed and amazed. An old man accompanying me said that feng shui was very good, and we all echoed with each other. It was really good. At this time, I found that the rich businessman took the beautiful woman’s hand and walked on the small road beside the mountain. The beautiful woman walked around and slanting, presumably without passing the mountain road, her delicate face, with a slim figure and a small bag on my back, the extremely beautiful scene contrasts with the shy landscape, which is really good! Changde fellow villager, who was a classmate of rich Business University, told me that she was the secretary of the boss and flew from Shanghai yesterday. I immediately picked him up and said hehe, it was delivered by air. My friends would smile heartily when hearing what I said, and they were very interested in the beauty secretary of air transportation, which was meaningful. I had a brief conversation with that rich businessman who intended to start a business in Changsha and chose a good place to develop a leisure villa. He let her hands go when I talked to him, and I smiled at each other with the beauty. The boss said it would not be a good deal if he had only 20 years of management right to rent land. I said that we can operate in the way of investing in shares with the village committee and operate for a long time. He said it would be best if I bought it. It seems to be a rich master. I told him that the procedure was very troublesome, and it was certainly good to buy it. This is rural collective land, which needs to be converted into state-owned land and then into commercial land, which needs to go through the provincial land department. Asked how much land he wanted, he said to build thousands of Mu. Big Ah, I told him Hunan Institute of Foreign Economy in Hanshou County circle the liang qian acres, which buy part, rent part, input three 0.4 billion, mostly bank capital. Estimated he yi qian acres to millions of yuan of funds, not less than 0.1 billion. After watching the mountains and rivers, we moved forward to Ningxiang and went to a built and used mountain village for lunch. Our friends arranged the reception by the Mountain Villa. It is said that the villa also has hundreds of millions of yuan, which is a project approved by the state and operated by Hunan investment company managed by Hunan SASAC. It has conference centers, leisure places, sports grounds, original vegetables, chickens, ducks and so on are very quiet in a mountain ditch. The Valley is narrow and easy to defend and difficult to attack. It is better to be a military base. On the way back to the city, my friend who drove was a small boss in Changsha, doing some engineering projects. I sat in the passenger seat. When we talked about the beautiful secretary, let’s ridicule him if he doesn’t speak. We will also bring a Secretary next time. Everyone laughed, it is really interesting that the boss specially came to Changsha from Shanghai air transport beauty secretary for investigation. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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