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Ordinary is the true color of life. Every one of us is very small, fragile and insignificant to this vast world. The world is also Ordinary. Sadness and joy, life and death, poverty and wealth, and changes in the world are nothing but ordinary things for the long history. However, ordinary shows greatness, and greatness reflects ordinary. Countless ordinary people create greatness. Without ordinary experiences, there will be no great figure. All greatness is bred in the ordinary. Ordinary is the foundation of greatness, and greatness is the sublimation of Ordinary. The two are closely linked, inseparable, complementary and causal, just like tracks and carriages, scales and weights. Ordinary seems insignificant on the surface, but in fact there is no greatness without ordinary. All great actions and thoughts have a trivial start. Greatness is often the result of natural balance of various opposing qualities. Greatness comes from the ordinary, like high mountains to low valleys, like sea to rivers. Under the high mountain, there must be a low ebb; The Sea covers all rivers, but it gathers thousands of streams. If there is no low ebb, the height of the mountain will not be shown. If there is no river, there will be no tolerance. We live in a happy era without experiencing too much suffering. We live an ordinary life every day, doing ordinary things and performing ordinary dramas one after another. A great man is always willing to be a tiny man. Great minds tend to be ordinary, and great figures also have huge faults. It is great to be a great man, and it is also great to be a human being. People can’t expect to be great and comfortable at the same time. Strong confidence can make ordinary people make amazing careers. The most outstanding thing is often the most difficult thing to be understood. The closer the mountain is to you, the more majestic it is. However, great men do not have such characteristics. What’s wrong with plain and ordinary? Under the pyramid, rock and concrete are piled up and United firmly. Although it is not free from the soaking of sludge and dirty water, it has its own calm in heart. The root under the tree is dark and humid, but it continuously transmits nutrients to the branches, flowers, leaves and fruits. The depth of the still water flows more with a special scenery charm, and the restrained self-restraint shows the calm and infinite vitality like mountains and seas. The great discoverer is not necessarily a great man. Great talents are more unusual than great successes. Real great men are usually ordinary, and their behaviors are neither artificial nor false. A small green leaf reflects great quality. In real life, I don’t know how many people like green leaves do their contributions in obscurity. Even the greatest and most magnificent career in the world may also need thin hands to help. Life itself never cares whether its life is ordinary or great. It only cares whether its life can be enriched, whether it can have no regrets and whether it can be complete. One brick and one stone can be called ordinary, but it has become the world-famous Great Wall; The drop of water can be called ordinary, but it gathers thousands of miles of running rivers and surging seas. The motto of life must be practiced by a person who wants to achieve great things. The best people always attribute their excellence to the perfect combination of various qualities considered incompatible with water and fire. It is in private life that we find great characters. Anything that seems much higher when compared with other things is great. Greatness comes from the ordinary, and high-rise buildings start from the flat ground. Without the usual accumulation, down-to-earth and bit-by-bit efforts, it is impossible to succeed at once. Only by working diligently in daily life and making unremitting efforts in daily life can we achieve greatness. Ordinary Fear? In an ordinary life, you can also experience all kinds of tastes of life, see all the beautiful scenery in this vast world, and taste the leisure, leisure and laziness in your leisure time, it can also accumulate strength for those wonderful moments in life in ordinary days. A drop of water is common in the ocean and great in the desert; Red-crowned cranes are common in cranes and great in chickens. As long as we can work hard in those seemingly ordinary positions and do it wholeheartedly, we can create greatness in the ordinary. A drop of water is ordinary. It is weak and can evaporate at any time. However, it is this drop of ordinary water that gathers thousands of times, turns into streams, flows into rivers, and finally gathers into the sea, finally, it became a great ocean. Don’t feel your ordinary. Even the darkest stars are shining compared with the boundless darkness. Even for the seemingly insignificant work, we should try our best. If you do small work well, great work will always follow suit. Ordinary great people always make people around feel small, but real great people can make people around think they are great. The greatest person is not a person who despises daily trifles, but a person who pays careful attention to these things and improves them. I am an ordinary person, only for the happiness of ordinary people. Don’t just praise the towering things. Plains and hills are also immortal. When we are very humble, it is our recent great time. We are ordinary people. In this troubled world, we live in trivial and plain life. We came to this world calmly, grew up calmly, grew old peacefully, and finally left peacefully. If you have great talents and great virtues, you will be respected and praised by people, but only small talents and common virtues can make you be loved and loved by people. Those people who are striving hard to make their lives change in the future and have good virtues and never pride themselves are great. The comparison between Earth and genius is certainly not enough. However, it is not a tough person, and I am afraid that it is not easy to do it; However, it is more sure than waiting for a genius. This is a great place of Earth and also a place of great hope. Don’t wait for great opportunities. Seize the common opportunities every day and turn them into great opportunities. If you can’t achieve a great career, then do small things in a great way. Any great success from fine point sprout, 1.1 drops accumulation. How to sweep the world without sweeping a house, how to make thousands of miles without taking any steps, and how to become a river without accumulating small streams. It is this kind of ordinary trivial thing that makes us in seemingly insignificant events, it reflects our value and reveals our spirit of contributing to the society wholeheartedly. Comrade Lei Feng was ordinary. What he did was a trivial matter, which could be learned by anyone. Lei Feng’s spirit is great, because he has always adhered to doing good things for the masses for a long time. His noble quality has inspired Chinese generation after generation. There is no need to be earth-shattering, no need to take the lead, no need to be wise and brave, just stretch out your hand to do, raise your hand to do, but can always insist on doing, and with this kind of virtue, good deeds, righteousness to infect, guide, inspire and motivate people, carry forward and radiate the good deeds of one person to the surroundings, form a team with greater influence, and then integrate into the common actions of the whole society to form a strong cohesion, attraction, centripetal force, influence. The greatness of the soul is not obvious, because it always hides itself, and a little originality is always its full expression. The greatness of the soul is much more common than we imagined. Adults don’t fail to do things because they are small, and those who become themselves don’t abandon them because of their small size. Ordinary and greatness are two kinds of terrains in our life. Ordinary is plain, and high mountain is greatness. They are relative. Greatness is bred in the ordinary, and greatness is just a gorgeous flower in the ordinary. Between the ordinary and the great, it is not a heaven and an underground, which is out of reach, and sometimes it is touched by stretching out your hands. Therefore, we don’t have to be tired of being ordinary and superstitious about greatness. We should face them squarely and strive to create greatness in the ordinary. Such greatness is the most meaningful greatness. Ordinary Body, extraordinary heart. In addition to the corruption, among the gold and jade, only when they are wise and foolish, can they fully show their true temperament. Send this flesh and blood body to the rolling world of mortals, where does not provoke a dusty face? The blink of an eye lives in the everlasting universe. How can the name of the fly be enough to show off? In the whole life, if there is still one thing to do, I am afraid that I will not leave my mind to practice. His heart is not right, no matter how great the prestige is, it is just the illusion of the devil. And the heart is right, why not drop the silt? Every friend, please ask yourself: if it is a drop of water, does it moisten a piece of land? If it is a ray of sunshine, does it illuminate the darkness? If it is a grain, has it nurtured a useful life? If it is the smallest screw, will it always stick to the position you live in? Keep in mind that greatness lies in the ordinary. 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