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Think she

When I returned home, I asked him, is this the first step? He did not answer! It was a little late for the third time. He came back from Hong Kong to see me. We drove to the park and looked at his tired look. I felt pity when driving here. We sat in theRead More


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Yesterday rainstorm kept. I wanted to go to a friend’s house for dinner, but my mother insisted that I was not allowed to drive, saying that I was worried about the heavy rain, because I had never driven on such a heavy rainy day, and she asked me not to go, the latter went outRead More



When the moon rises, it is the kind of curved crescent moon. The sky was blue, countless little stars blinked happily, and they didn’t look sleepy at all. Although it was already late spring, the weather was still so cold, but it was not that kind of compelling cold. The brightness of the moon spreadRead More