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Teacher, why don’t you have homework? It’s all fun when you come? Handsome mother asked. Where can I get so much homework when my child is just going to grade one? Even if you are in the first grade, you will not leave your homework, which is completed in class. Now the main thing is to let children read pinyin, and they will always write when writing, but what’s the use of not being able to read when you just write? I said, but your son is not willing to go to school recently. It was better at first, but now he is skinned. She pulled the child to ask: do you want to learn pinyin. To. Teacher, if he doesn’t learn, you will say that you call your mother and ask her to come. The handsome mother said eagerly. Both my parents were looking forward to the success of their children. Looking at the back of the handsome man’s mother, I couldn’t help thinking deeply. Handsome Boy is a little boy who is going to be in the first grade in this summer training. He looks very cute, with white skin and Danfeng eyes, and his face looks like his mother. At the beginning, I taught him pinyin, and he learned it very carefully. The characters were also well-written. After a period of time, the child became a little naughty. I taught him to read pinyin and began to bargain with you: teacher, I will play for a while to learn. No. Play for a while, just for a while. After getting the consent, I was willing to learn after playing for a while. But later he was asked to learn pinyin, and he simply said: teacher, I don’t want to learn pinyin today. Does your mother say that you don’t want to learn pinyin today? Yes, he said for sure. That day when her mother came, I told his mother the situation. His mother pulled him over and asked him if he wanted to learn. He lowered his head and made a mosquito-like voice. Don’t learn to go home, mother spanking. The boy agreed with grievance. This day he was asked to read pinyin again. He ran away. I held his arm. He twisted his body and lay on the ground, saying: teacher, I don’t want to learn, let me play! Then I told your mom about the situation. No, teacher, don’t say. Will you go to grade one in the second half of the year? I don’t want to go, I just want to play. Ha ha, playing is a child’s nature, what a lovely child. I won’t come to school tomorrow. He folded things with paper by himself, no matter what you said, he would stop learning pinyin. If you look at him like this, let him play. If you really want to go to grade one, you really don’t have so much time to play. Let him play for the last period of time happily. After all, I am a kindergarten child with few rules. When I am telling stories, other children who have attended primary school will listen to stories very attentively, because stories are children’s favorite, every time I heard that I was going to tell a story, I was so excited that I didn’t want to tell two stories. I tried my best to satisfy their wishes and talk more. But after all, there were still learning tasks, so I had to control the time. But every time when I tell stories, the handsome man and the girl next to me who are also going to be in the first grade keep talking. They talk about them and play with them, but they don’t listen to you at all, it’s useless to tell them not to have any sound. The story is not attractive to them. Only folding paper and blowing everywhere are their pleasure. It’s time to eat snacks this day. I send them to handsome men, teacher, I don’t want this, I want to change. No, other children are not like you. No, I want to change it. He played coquettish and ran to grab my bag to pick. How could it be? If all of them were not messed up like him, I pulled him away. He said bitterly: teacher, you are so stingy, stingy, drink cold water, Fortress teeth. Said ran away. Once again, I told a story. He took a lot of small plastic cartoon toys to influence children of other grades, and confiscated a part of them. During the break, he kept chasing me: teacher, where is my toy? No, I won’t give it to you. You are disobedient. Teacher, give it to me, please, I promise to be obedient in the future. Looking at his sad face, it made people laugh. Naughty is naughty, sometimes quite cute, I still like this child. One day at noon, the handsome father came to pick him up. Another older teacher told his father about the child. His father slapped his son casually, and the child was crying. The next day, handsome man came, he told me: Teacher, I am most afraid of my father at home. Why? He hit me, but mom didn’t hit me. Do you want to learn pinyin and go to grade one? To. On that day, he read and wrote seriously again. The child is so cute, sometimes it is really not good to persuade and educate him with true feelings, and he has to be tough. Hehe, kid, playing is natural. It is effective to let him learn while playing and learn when he is interested. 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