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Shh! Did you hear it? The waves in Croatia are affectionate, the monsoon is gentle, the air is blue, and the seagulls are also waltz. This is the rhapsody of Croatia, the Blue fantasy of Maxim, the description about Croatia flowing on the black and white keys, and the myth about the Adriatic Sea fallingRead More


Wake up

It was just that I was really too young to cherish that feeling at that time. Maybe I didn’t know that it was happiness. When I saw the continuous mountains again, it was no longer used for the green of the plateau and the green of the mountains to the spectacular natural cave. Some lightsRead More


san yue

[Introduction]: We also ended all the entanglement on that day. I still remember I said that my other birthday gift was a promise, an indefinite promise, as long as I didn’t die, I will answer one thing from now on, no matter what The flowers bloom on the other side of the river one seasonRead More



When you are depressed, you will always think of you: the desire to pour out is accumulated in the bottom of your heart; When you are happy, you will always be remembered: fresh notes flow in your chest. The moment the rising sun is just like your bright light: I want to open my armsRead More



When I wrote down this question, I was wondering why women were like jade. Cao Xueqin said that women are made of water, which is also right, but it is specific, not all women are like water. It is also said that women do not hear the lion roar of Hedong, but not all womenRead More