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Senior High School memoirs 2 (walk in queue)

High school life is a song, learning is the main melody, others belong to the chorus part, but my impression of the chorus part is deeper than the main melody. Besides the sports meeting, there is also the entrance ceremony following the sports meeting. Because our school scores them separately, I don’t count them together.Read More


The wind

A young man smiling in the wind. He has gone a lot. I am still fondling for the rest. I often remember a certain night/. Starlight fell on the ground. His smile. In front of me not far away. Never lost, never let down. You won’t know how to love someone., often to wait untilRead More



[Introduction]: the newly rising sun in the upper left corner of the mountain is round, orange red and orange red, giving people a bright, cheerful and warm feeling. It rises slowly and is slowly covered by clouds, leaving only 2/3 or 1/2, as if the painter smeared Gray casually for a few times, finally, reluctantlyRead More