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The rain fell quietly on people’s flower umbrellas and cheeks; The wind blew without direction, and leaves fell silently on the ground with the wind. I, wearing a white trench coat and headphones, I listened quietly but intoxicated to the memorable songs one after another, looking at the white sneakers with some mud on myRead More



You said that we were a family, different parents, eating water from all over the world, different living conditions, shaping different personality characteristics, and our university ignored one thing in the process of teaching, that is the problem of communication among classmates. Unfamiliar interpersonal environment will induce students’ fear of survival most of the time.Read More


Understand Love

[Introduction] one autumn, I took my husband to the countryside. Standing in pieces of golden rice fields, I pointed at the heavy rice and asked my husband, why did they bend down one by one? Sometimes in our family, we would quarrel and fight for some trifles every time. At last, I was the oneRead More