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[Introduction] I don’t know what I did in college, what I learned, what I got, and whether it is worthwhile for me to go to college? I can’t answer these. What I know is that I have to go to college and experience this period of time, otherwise I will regret, maybe I can answer these questions in the future. 2010, the tenth year of the 21st century. For me, it has special significance! Suddenly, I suddenly felt that time flies, and I didn’t realize that the annual rings of life have turned twice. The student career is coming to an end. In June, I will leave the ivory tower of the university, enter the society and travel around the world! Looking back on my 24 years, after careful calculation, I spent 16 years in school, which unexpectedly accounted for 2/3. The rest 1/3 was my childhood. In childhood, the imprint of poverty was deeply engraved in my heart. At that time, there was nothing in the three large tile houses in the family from the east to the West. There is only one old wardrobe and one old queen bed. The poverty at home is evident. I have learned a rule: the richer the family is, the more harmonious it is. On the contrary, the poorer it is, the easier it is to have troubles and conflicts. Just like Cao’s family in Cao Xueqin’s A Dream of Red Mansions. My house is true. In my childhood memory, my parents quarreled in three days and two ends. I couldn’t remember the specific reason, but it must be related to the poor character. The family planning policy was very strict. At that time, only a dozen bags of food in the family were carried away. Anyone who could exchange money and those who could move were all carried away, my family is poorer. When I think of childhood, I think of a past in my childhood. Because the family was in poor condition at that time, what they ate most was mixed flour steamed buns, which were sweet potato noodles and matting flour. Sweet potatoes were often dried in the pot at home. At that time, I occasionally ate a good flour steamed bun, which was still the food my father borrowed from relatives. In the past, the mixed noodles of the poor now become luxuries, and only the rich can eat them. It has changed a lot in just over ten years! During the 16 years of school life, the happiest time was primary school and junior high school. Almost every year when I was in primary school, I could get a certificate of merit, because of my good grades, which was quite favored by my teachers. And there are a group of partners who play quite well, playing together all day long, so happy! I didn’t study hard in junior high school, but my grades always ranked first. When I was in junior high school, I was very lucky to meet several substitute teachers, especially the three class teachers at the beginning of the third year. Each of them has his own characteristics and personality, which are still vivid in my mind in retrospect, it has a great influence on me. It is worth mentioning that although we didn’t make many friends at that time, we could make several bosom friends every year, buddy. Let’s talk about everything together, whether we are happy or not! In senior high school, there are more than students in the same grade. Among the students, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, capable people and scholars are like forest. In such an environment, it is not easy to be a risking figure. Although I studied hard, I still couldn’t get into the top three. High school life is busy all day long, without any free time, but also full. The feeling that senior high school gave me was not so strange as others said, how bitter and tired it was, and how refined it was in the world. I think it is common, but it is a little melancholy, and of course the pressure is not small. I had bad luck and bad luck in high school. I took part in the college entrance examination twice, but my scores were not satisfactory. I still feel bitter when I think of it. In the Ivory Tower, two or three years passed away in a flash, and they went away before they had time to taste! I don’t know what I did in college, what I learned, what I got, and whether it is worthwhile for me to go to college? I can’t answer these. What I know is that I have to go to college and experience this period of time, otherwise I will regret, maybe I can answer these questions in the future. I am very confused and confused now. I have no direction. I don’t know where to go in the future. How to go and where is my destination? I only have one general direction, followmeheart! How will I feel when I see this article several years later? Maybe you will cry, laugh, cry and laugh. Who can predict the future? [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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