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Tonight, it was not late at night that I had already sat in my study, opened the iPad, and began to forget all the tiredness of my day and buried myself deeply in my sky. Turn on the radio and broadcast Jiang Yuheng’s CD, quietly intoxicated in his soft singing. I like his songs, because his songs are soft enough. In these days, ideological trends have sprung up, and many poems have been written, no matter whether they are written well or not, whether they are appropriate or not, or whether they are inconsistent or not, or the meaning of words is thin, just scatter your own voice in those specious words. Then, I will release them regardless of, but suffer those blogs that click on my poems. Fortunately, blogs on the Internet all have a heart of compassion. My so-called nonsense is rarely trampled by people. In fact, I don’t know what poetry is, nor what poetry and painting are. I just want to express my heart between the lines one by one, but take it to words, so I have to make up a few words with simple words, hoping to relieve my mood, it can also make people understand the effect. Every time I read other people’s exquisite proses and poems, and then look at my own works, I always feel ashamed of myself. Occasionally, there will be the idea of whether to stop publishing articles to avoid showing ugliness. Every night, when everything gradually settles down, when the night covers the Earth, the mood will begin to wander around. Sometimes, chasing others’ works on the Internet, chewing each blog’s mood carefully, listening to each sad person’s heart silently, as if they became their bosom friend online. Some articles deeply touched the wounds in my heart, and it seemed that I had entered the world of that blog. When I felt his (her) joys and sorrows, I would be moved to tears. The reason why I wander in this virtual network world is nothing more than that my mood has nowhere to be delivered, and I also hope to find my bosom friend, so I have to face “strange faces” one by one “, telling your least known mood. Therefore, just in the gentle singing, the loneliness of silence, the loneliness of wind and rain, the constant thoughts came out on the Internet with the tapping on the keyboard. Occasionally, I saw the full moon and the lack of stars, but I couldn’t improve my lonely mood. Later, I found that the sun and the moon rose, the day day and night, the Earth was still rotating, and what remained unchanged was My unwillingness and sorrow. It turned out that it was myself who closed the door in my heart and didn’t let people approach or pry. I firmly believe that when every blog is on a whim or when inspiration emerges, all the words I know will flow through my heart smoothly, into my mind, and then turn into touching sentences, words that affect readers’ resonance, a poem and a prose were born in this way. However, my character Library is always a little too small. Therefore, there were only a few lines of words coming and going in the written articles, which were dyed dim by my gloomy world. Perhaps, it is because that I have never really enjoyed the surrounding scenery, experienced the fragrance of flowers, listened to the pleasant sounds of birds, appreciated the greatness and beauty of nature, and gained insight into the world, so after all, we can only write stories about ourselves, inner sadness and extreme opinions. I believe that words can peel a person’s heart naked and present it in others’ eyes. I also believe that diaries can express the grievances in real life and let myself open my heart, all unhappiness will disappear in the space with the pouring of words. Therefore, I have been clinging to creation and writing. But recently, it has been gradually discovered that this mentality seems to disgrace all blogs, all writers, the spirit of creation and those exquisite words. Because my starting point seems to be inclined, not for creation, not for poetry. Am I wrong? I don’t know. Just like tonight, I wrote extravagant nonsense, but I still hoped to tell the world what I thought in my heart. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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