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Chicken should be an animal that gets along with human beings closely. Such animals are indispensable in the courtyard of the farm. Although chickens need people to make a good nest for them and clean up feces every day, people are still willing to raise such a small creature. After getting along with each otherRead More



At this time, the hour hand points to 12:00. In the night sky, several stars are flickering lonely. A gust of wind blew, and I had a cold war. There was also a burst of noise outside. My heart beat inexplicably. I wrapped my clothes tightly. Walking into the bedroom quickly with the rustle ofRead More



Distance can be close to the feelings between people, and can also alienate the feelings between people. People have to believe the value of distance. The value of distance can create human comedy as well as human tragedy. Comedy and tragedy only lie in whether you are on the left or right of the origin.Read More