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[Introduction] I look back for her. The girl I miss so much. I silly stand. When she saw me, she was shocked at first, and then began to look indifferent. She walked towards me slowly with the cup in her hand and asked lightly: Why are you here? When cleaning up the room, I sorted out diaries of how long it was dusty. Open a book at random, and my thoughts drift away in the old words. The lost life seems to be fresh in the movie. I, who was lonely for a hundred years, silently watched the wheat field. Recalling yesterday’s “wonderful”, I can’t believe that the Bible of two people is “split”. “You” the cold war between me, “anesthesia” the “those” in my heart. Dedicated to “dream man” and “one-way street” in “dusk”, “only myself”. “Butterfly” was “flying” in the “flowers on the other shore” series, and the bitter “stuffy” of “dark surge” was also “falling” and “sky”, leaving only “Wings of light”. “See smoke again. It turns out that “fleeting time” like the wind is still “unchanged”. Firefly brought me to Cuihu cold. In the lake, you can see “the moon at that time” your “shadow” and “intoxicated” in front of you “thousands of words”, which can not tell you “miss”. “I am willing”, I “I am only willing to keep the appointment for you”. Because you are the angel in my sky and the butterfly that makes me awake. I am like a chess piece, walking on the edge of love and pain. “I don’t want to be like this”. I think more about “only love strangers”. “what” can’t “overthrow” the “nostalgia” for you. “You are in my heart” is the “Lotus in the snow”, which hypnotizes me again and again. Please don’t say “wake up in a dream”. All “passing clouds” also wanted to write “forget the book with laughter” to comfort the mood of “impetuous, I also wanted to write a love letter to myself, but I still couldn’t get rid of your beautiful face and halfway. I still lost to the oath of” no regrets “. I really want to tell you, “you are happy, so I am happy”. I really want to tell you, “forgetting you is like forgetting myself”. Pick up a piece of red bean and make a small wish: Wish you a long time I was 19 years old this year. Although I was ignorant, my feelings were persistent. She likes Faye Wong’s songs. I searched the songs sung by Faye Wong from the Internet. Copy the names of those songs to the paper one by one. Spend a self-study class connecting them into an emotional text I want. Send it to her far away. After the letter was sent out, I had been imagining the way she was moved. I was looking forward to receiving a letter that made me happy. I thought about my stupidity, persistence and unbelievable self-mockery at that time, also light sentimental. Later, when I left Zhengzhou, there seemed to be an unpredictable force deep in my heart, which urged me to take the train to the city where she lived. In the afternoon of the day when I arrived, I was in a strange city, holding the address and inquired the bus route to her among strangers. Ask for directions all the way. I can’t remember how many roads I took and how many bus I changed. It is not easy to find a person in such a large campus. I stood on the corridor of the campus at a loss and at a loss. I found the principal’s office, and the principal found her head teacher. I learned from the head teacher where she was attending classes. Going upstairs and downstairs, I walked around. When I passed a stairwell, a familiar figure flashed in my eyes, which was similar to illusion. I looked back for her. The girl I miss so much. I silly stand. When she saw me, she was shocked at first, and then began to look indifferent. She walked towards me slowly with the cup in her hand and asked lightly: Why did you come? I left this place which made me full of fantasy at the beginning in disappointment and silence. Sitting in the leaving car, with tears in the corner of my eyes, I looked back at the campus which was gradually moving away, looking back at her back, looking back at the endless loneliness. Later someone asked me, if she wants to be with you now, will you give up your current family and go to find her? I shook her head. Some feelings can only live in memories. Close the diary and stand in front of the window. The breeze blew across my face. Only the stars and lights were touched by my eyes. Grass insects are singing low, and frogs are singing one after another. A mouthful of coffee goes into the throat, and I am willing to drown those life sketches that I don’t want to think of again. [Responsible editor: Leaves]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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