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In today’s social life, when it comes to men beating their wives, the first person who raises objections may not be women, but men will step forward: how can there be men beating their wives? It can be seen that in the eyes of the same sex, men who beat their wives have already been classified as different from others. What is the need to find a grandiose reason for men to beat their wives? This may temporarily be regarded as the progress of people’s thoughts: because it is no longer the time when men gathered together and recklessly exaggerated how to use domestic violence to demonstrate their status and authority. Abandoning the tradition that men are superior to women for thousands of years, in today’s society which advocates equality between men and women, women and men are exhausted for work, life, family and children. They also have pressure and distress, why should women be beaten when they return home? They tried their best to do what they should do. Did they lose their duty as a husband or a son, or forgot the trifles of the hall and kitchen? They may occasionally hear their complaints, but that is just a way for them to release their pressure. Smart men will guide and comfort their wives in time to ease their psychological state, then bring the greatest warmth to the family with their maternal power. However, after all, there will be a small number of men who can’t be called Smart. They will act as fast as their wives for a while. Not only do they have to compete with each other, but when they are in a hurry, even let the fist slap to speak. However, at the moment you use your fist, women use all their senses to deal with it. You can stand behind a woman for countless times as its patron saint, but at the moment you swing your fist, all the sense of security you brought to her will disappear, including the love you have given, it will be greatly reduced in her heart. The moment the fist fell down, the pain was on her body and the hatred was in her heart. In fact, it was you who carved a scar on yourself for no reason. First of all, even if they make up soon, the relationship between husband and wife will be cast a shadow because of such domestic violence. There will be such fear in women’s heart: if there will be quarrels in the future, will he still fight? Gradually, women have doubts about the sense of security that men can give her, and then shake their firm attitude towards marriage. At this time, do you personally think that men’s guarantee is persuasive in front of the facts? Secondly, the public opinions of relatives and friends. Now when facing the phenomenon of domestic violence, except for the woman who is really at fault, most of them will blame the man. Reasonable relatives and friends will take care of your face and give you some comfort appropriately, but after euphemism, you may only have to denounce: Your wife sacrificed her youth for you and this family, if you sacrifice what you own, how can you say that you just do it? Can’t you tolerate it? This is mere mortals domestic violence, public opinion words ultimately inseparable from home and children. If a famous man like Li Yang had such a thing, apart from fame and interest, it would rise the level of discussion, such as how foreign countries opposed domestic violence and contacted feminism. At this time, the effect of public opinion was not a joke. Li Yang was also hurt. Moreover, after using force, won’t you reflect on whether you should do it or not? As expected, it is your wife who has really reached the point where you are not allowed to do it by force, or do you expose the lack of quality and cultivation in the face of small family conflicts? The family is managed by heart, not by violence to put the wall of the heart into danger; Marriage is made to last with love and affection, not by violence to hide its original appearance; husband and wife grow up together with each other. It is not that husband and wife can move their fists without distracting! Indeed, male chauvinism can not be changed. After all, living under such a tradition, the culture of ancestors was influenced by them. But as a man living in the new era, can you bear all kinds of injuries after hitting your wife? Of course, if you think it doesn’t matter, you can try it! Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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