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One year ago, I called in the afternoon, but I couldn’t get through. I called my classmate again to help me check the score. It is said that everyone is checking scores at this moment. At a time, the whole world is floating, and I am also a little nervous. I sat on the stone and lit a cigarette to cover my anxiety. I called: brother, help me check the score. The result of the student number and password is almost the same as expected. On the night of the college entrance examination, it seemed that I got up in the morning and memorized a few idioms when I slept over 12 o’clock. When it rained, I answered a little hot. I announced to the public that the Chinese test was not different, but actually I thought it was OK. Steal chant. The math exam in the afternoon was not complicated in my heart. After the exam, a group of people on the street were all sad and sad. I really didn’t feel it after the exam. When I talked about it in the afternoon, I felt panic again. Others could study math for more than 100, and I could only make up for more than 60. Thinking about that he Xiangmin went to buy a bag of Ziyun, walked and stopped along the river bank next to Minzhong, and then patted each other on the shoulders: day, tomorrow, Li Zong will have a good treatment. After passing the English exam, I still didn’t feel much. Everyone who came out said it was OK, and everyone was waiting to open the school gate. Xiang Min and I went to the canteen to buy four cigarettes and sat on the table tennis table in the school, thinking about staying in the high school campus for a longer time, maybe we would never come again. I went to the bookstore to read a book to fill in my volunteer form, and I was not in the mood of only reading a school book before. Xiang Min bought a copybook, saying that I would practice writing this holiday at least, in recent years, reading books has become worse and worse. If you go to college, you have to pretend to be a calligrapher. You can’t be ashamed. At night, two packs of cigarettes were thrown on the table, blowing some rogue worlds leading to the future and men. A few days ago Internet encountered Xiang sensitivity, is said to have deflowered. Chatting is full of pornographic words. In the past, this elder brother was really gentle, but now there are really a few men who are always hooligans. This topic has never left since junior high school had a feeling for the opposite sex. It is very cute in my teens. The feeling of curiosity, desire and fantasy will dry up in the morning of dreams. In fact, I was really so kind in junior high school. In the first day of junior high school, I dared not to read the black and white picture on page 21 of my eldest brother’s biology book. Page 21 must be right, which impressed me deeply. At that time, brother Jin and third elder brother went back to junior three, and said to me: if someone bullied you, just say, don’t trick him. I’m not very good either, thinking that I’m not afraid of anything if I have a backer. It was said that at the first day of junior high school, there was a junior high school bully Xiao Jun, who secretly played his little brother with his toothbrush during the holiday. Later, I also heard that there was a girl and a boy hanging in the water cave at night, and the plot was constantly updated every night. Don’t say it, it’s a little inappropriate. Junior High School is an age with rich fantasies. The teacher praised me on the first day of junior high school, and also quietly observed around, afraid that they didn’t hear the teacher praising me. I didn’t want to say it in the original class of senior high school, oh, Ah Chun slept with me, and the plots I often described couldn’t help myself, and then I began to be impulsive. Jiaxiong bought a Beijing lover and read it all night in bed. Later, this book was torn apart and read separately. Later, I heard that the bosses of each school started to assign, but the Experimental Middle School didn’t want to join the league. The fourth Middle School had a good discussion with the Wenlin school, carrying a fire pipe gun to the Experimental Middle School to block the gap of the wall, If you catch their boss, you can rule. It was said that many years ago, the boss of South Gate of Zhenxiong went to three kilometers to judge Xing. On that day, all the brothers went to send Xing, and some women on Longjing Road cried. Numerous stories were transferred to Tashi. Just like this, before the exam, I lay on the bed listening to songs, thinking about some trivial things. In fact, this is a place where I found something when I left. In other words, maybe, I don’t miss a place because of its prosperity, but I have some cool memories here. Look like a woman, no longer greedy for sexy, short skirt, heavy makeup. Finally, it is the simplest clothes and the most valuable to recall. At the beginning, I applied for the volunteer, and the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Yunnan Agricultural University. Later, I thought about it. Once I had a chance to choose a distant place, I would be far away! Five volunteers seem to choose four from the north. The first petrochemical industry in Liaoning was my first love. I felt that I had a dream for her only because I didn’t read it. The second is Shandong Institute of Technology. In fact, this school has a high score. Maybe it will get a low score after a high score. The third is Dalian Industry. I didn’t think much about it. Datong University and Wuhan University both majored in chemistry teachers and didn’t pay much attention to it. My personality put the goal on one, and all of them were ignored. After applying for the application, the big guy told me who had the admission notice. Nothing, go home separately. At the beginning of my home, it was almost rainy days. In the villages of the Northeast Yunnan Plateau, the morning was very beautiful. The beauty was in my instant consciousness, which I could not describe. I think, others can’t describe it, no reason, natural. Later, it was sunny and I worked all day. Most of the time, it is a little dark. I sat alone in the field and watched the sunset. In the distance far away from the mountain, I went home to watch the weather forecast. I remember that this song has never been changed since I got up very early, and I didn’t know that the song was called Yuzhou singing late. When I watch the weather forecast at home, I will think of the distance. Since my child, I have been longing for the magical distance. When I was young, I still imagined a desolate dream for the distance. If you hear it in the distance by accident, you will think of the scene of longing for the distance when you are at home and children. What have I done this semester? I was wrong again. I went to Jinshitan a few days ago. The wine was really hard to drink. Since the last time I went to Blackstone, I was no longer interested in self-baking and eating. Basically, it was three matures, five matures at most, and there is still blood on the meat. Now I feel a little uncomfortable when I look at the baking skewers. At more than in the evening, the editorial department was playing cards. I was a little tired. Lying on the bed, I was arguing with a lot of female voices like Weng Weng. I fell asleep unconsciously. Later, I heard that I couldn’t wake up even when I was asked to open the door at night, so I woke up the next door. Later on, they strolled outside together when they didn’t have to go into the room to sleep. It was said that they were praised by the Secretary for this reason, saying that the minister and the officers were getting close and they still blew together in the middle of the night. After dawn, there were several missed calls on the mobile phone, which explained very well that calling was used to wake me up. Last night, the list announced my sin, and I quietly lowered my head. I am always afraid of unknown things. Think about whether a twenty-year-old man should do anything for something like a wolf. Even if there are more wolves and less meat in the world, he can shoot wolves for meat. Then build a man’s castle. Women need to take the world as a medium, need a palace, a vigorous man? A lot of things have not changed. I am still a thinker. Just think about it and basically don’t do it. I lived a life of origin. Like a junior high school, I made a bald head. Touch, I feel good. My hair is long and short, I sleep and wake up like a dream. In the Internet cafe, everyone played games. Suddenly, I remembered that a long time ago, your baby still owed me an Internet connection. Forget it, I have to say a few thousand words after I continue to speak. I am so excited that I can’t control it. Now I feel a little uneasy, so I stop it and end it. Postscript: a paragraph of text, regardless of how beautiful it is, records a period of past events. Walking alone, there is no sense of boundless created when you are younger. I am far away, in the castle where I have dreamed for countless times. My brothers, I am far away, very good, very good! Remember me occasionally, light a cigarette and take a sip for me. Just like the brother who smoked together before. Then, bomb the cigarette butt into the distance. I ordered another cigarette at this time Like (prose editor: prose online) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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