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Senior High School memoirs 2 (walk in queue)

High school life is a song, learning is the main melody, others belong to the chorus part, but my impression of the chorus part is deeper than the main melody. Besides the sports meeting, there is also the entrance ceremony following the sports meeting. Because our school scores them separately, I don’t count them together. I was admitted into the experimental class accidentally. I thought it was a happy thing to stand on the top of the pyramid and overlook all living beings, but later I found that the pyramid was not up to heaven but hell. Our head teacher has to fight for the first place in everything, sometimes even forcing us to take the first place. The entrance ceremony naturally has high requirements on us. But we had to cooperate obediently, because there were already four or five students wearing small shoes because they couldn’t cooperate. I felt that I lived under the high-pressure policy in those three years. It is a good quality to be strict with yourself and the people around you, but I think it is OK to let nature take its course and work hard at the same time. Here, I have read so many articles about youth campus, most of which are about campus love stories, some of which are more romantic and numb. It seemed that I am the only writer who wrote plain memories and described the head teacher of high school as an inhuman writer. Perhaps, I was so lucky that I met such a special head teacher and asked me to write something special. Continue with the above topic. We know that not cooperating with teachers will do us no harm. For example, once when I was late, he would punish me for 50 yuan for paying the class fee. I was not convinced and would punish me for doing something wrong. If I admit it, I should punish him. However, 50 yuan is too much. Does he think it is easy for his parents to make money now. Maybe you can refute me like this. If money is not easy to earn, then don’t make mistakes. However, it is impossible for a man not to be a sage. If I pass, I can change it. Is it true that I have no money to eat for a week if I make a mistake? I admitted and wrongly wrote the review, but I didn’t give him any money. Later, after class, he sent out lecture notes, and specially ordered the monitor to deduct my share. Is it necessary to do so much? After the spread of this matter, no one dared to say it for their own future. The entrance ceremony is similar to taking a queue during military training. The appearance of the queue is probably like this. There were five people in the front, like a charge team. The one who walked in the front was a girl, holding a class board to lead the team. She was followed by four boys. They walked into a square, one of them stretched out one arm and raised the class flag over the head. The latter is the large army, but the difference is that the number of people accounts for the largest, and the scores account for the least. The general sports meeting is held in November every year. As soon as I heard about this, I began to count the days with my fingers. For most of my classmates, sports meeting was like a holiday, which should be more comfortable than a holiday. During the holiday, there are extra classes, or parents are not allowed to go out. The sports meeting has both no extra classes and excuses to go out. When it was close to that date, everyone was even more depressed. Because for the time being, the sovereignty of the activity class belongs to us, in order to take care of the students who have projects to train. On the other hand, it is also because the school didn’t catch us so tightly in the first year of high school. Of course, at that time, we didn’t have such a profound vision and only focused on the greed and joy in front of us. Until a PE class, we originally carried out shot put practice according to the teacher’s plan. Before the class lasted for five minutes, the head teacher came angrily without asking 37021. When he came up, he stared at our female teacher and shouted: How did you become a teacher! Don’t you know that the sports meeting is coming soon! Don’t practice walking in the queue at this time, what are you doing here? The female teacher looked innocent. Before class, I found a teacher who taught boys. He said he would not leave the queue and take them to train. Then, he pointed the spearhead at us and scolded: Do you have brains one by one! The teacher doesn’t know the situation, and you don’t know either? We lowered our heads and blushed. We were really angry. This seems to put the cart before the horse. We are just students and are not qualified to arrange teachers’ teaching plans. Next, he didn’t know which classmate he called to contact the boy’s side. He needed to concentrate on the queue, and both the boy and their PE teacher came. We arrived on the runway and started to walk in queue. Naturally, I was scolded and used to listening. The weather is not beautiful, it’s raining. It was really a timely rain, and the more it fell, the Serge was beating on the track and field like rap melody made by jazz drum. However, the head teacher didn’t mean to let us go back. He also increased his shouting. The Two PE teachers squinted their eyes, curled their lips and stood helplessly in the rain. This kind of expression was the most uncomfortable, but it seemed that someone kindly patted your back when you felt wronged. The rain became more and more violent, drenching our whole body thoroughly. Other classes have left one after another. The impatient crash of raindrops seemed to cry about his uneven experience. Everyone’s faces are all wet, and I don’t know whether it is rain or tears. The rain stopped and the class was over in a minute. 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