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[Introduction] Although the traffic police finally decided that the other party was fully responsible, I was wondering if I had no responsibility at all? If I could be more careful, find the signs of the opposite side turning earlier, and take measures earlier, maybe the collision accident would not happen? It rained heavily, and the windscreen wiper was adjusted to the fastest speed, but it still couldn’t see the road ahead well. The raindrops of broad beans hit the roof closely, and their ears were occupied by the huge rain. It was impossible to hear the whistle of the cars outside the car warning each other. For a moment, it seems that you are in a world with only rain but only my mist. The car walked slowly and cautiously like walking on a thin ice, but the heart sank untimely in a kind of quiet happiness. Half an hour ago, I sent a friend who could be remembered in my life to the bus home, and then went to the hospital to pick up an old couple whose children were not around and sent them home, I plan to drive to the home trade market to order food and make some delicious food to comfort myself and my family on Saturday. This ordinary life of ordinary people is always happy in my heart. Even on this heavy rain Road, happiness is dragging me tightly. Suddenly, in the front of the rain and fog, I saw a black car heading straight towards me. I stepped on the brake in fear, but it was too late, with a Bang, our car still crashed into each other. It was an Audi A6. No one was injured when looking at the situation. I sat in the driver’s seat and didn’t get off. I took a deep breath and stabilized my mind. A young driver walked out of the opposite car and went straight to my car door and said with a little blame: beauty, how did you drive? I think, how do I drive? I am going straight, and you are making a sharp turn on the yellow double solid line. It seems that there is nothing wrong with me? I told him, call the traffic police. When I said this to him, somehow, my heart was particularly calm, and there was also a kind of calm. Alas, what am I calm about? Fortunately, the traffic patrol platform is near the roadside. Thanks to Wang Lijun, the director of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau, many traffic patrol platforms have been set up in many streets and lanes, which is very convenient for ordinary people. The traffic police witnessed the accident of the car crash, so they did not invite themselves. After taking photos at the scene and receiving the driver’s certificate, she politely said to me: beauty, please show me your driving license and driver’s license. Fortunately, I usually don’t have a driving license, but today I have a complete license, it seems that I have prepared it. At this time, I got off the car and checked the situation of my car carefully. Not so good. The front side of the car is far from the left side. The corner of the left side of the car is very irregularly sunk in, like a twisted face due to pain. The headlight and the turning light are all broken into colorful snow on the ground, some liquid unknown to be oil or water continuously drips from the bottom of the car corner, like tears drop by drop. My car, it is in pain. At this time, I suddenly lost my opinion when I was calm and calm just now. After all, it was the first time for a person to face such a traffic accident, and he didn’t even know what to do. I remembered my friends who were the traffic police. The phone calls came one by one, and only the third friend’s phone was connected. He arrived at the scene at the first time with a fast speed. After asking about the situation, he comforted me and said, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing. Then, explain the handling procedures and matters needing attention to me one by one, coordinate with the insurance company, ask the car repair shop, leave the other party’s license plate number and contact information, and all of them will be handled for me according to the normal procedures, there was not a little trick of the traffic police dealing with traffic accidents as people imagined, until they finally sent me home in the rain. I really appreciate having such a sincere good friend. When I needed help most, he appeared in front of me immediately. What he had done after his arrival made me feel much more secure at once. In fact, before he came, I also imagined even a little weak expectation, imagining and expecting him to help me do some small tricks within his power. It seemed that I am blasphemed the character of this good friend and his professional ethics as a policeman. What I also wanted to say was that the opposite side of the crash was also some people with good quality. After the driver blamed him slightly, the driver’s boss came down from the car, which seemed to be working outside. Their car was also damaged by the light and a small part of the right front corner car body. After checking their car, after looking at me for a few times, I seriously cooperated with the traffic police in all kinds of registration procedures, without any more blame or any sulk on my face, which I didn’t expect, because I have seen and heard too many disharmonious incidents in traffic accidents. Although the traffic police finally decided that the other party was fully responsible, I was wondering whether I had no responsibility at all? If I could be more careful, find the signs of the opposite side turning earlier, and take measures earlier, maybe the collision accident would not happen? Thinking like this, I think I can understand if the other party blames me. However, everything is fine and both sides are peaceful. I silently felt the happiness of my misfortune in my heart. A crash accident that nobody wanted to encounter made me find many beautiful existence in human nature. The warm and polite traffic police, honest friends who help each other sincerely, and several people who don’t know each other but have good self-restraint, all of which are so kind and good, it is enough to make up and cover up the shock and unhappiness brought by the crash. Happiness is still dragging me tightly, even at such a time. Thank you so many good people for giving me happiness! Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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