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Butterfly can’t fly over the sea, not because it has no courage, but because there is no waiting on the other side! After all, the three-year waiting couldn’t continue. I wrote down the preface of winter with the lonely keyboard! Inscription thought that if you close your eyes, you can’t see the darkness of the whole world, and if you cover your ears, you can’t hear all the troubles. I thought that if I stopped my steps, my heart would no longer be displaced. I thought that if I no longer write, I would forget my sadness from now on. I once thought that our story would not end or be finished. Even if we were separated, we would never separate without saying goodbye. At least, we would never leave our hearts, and we could always be attached. I thought you were the youth that I would not leave. In fact, when I had no time to savor carefully, I had already prepared the ending of things being different. I thought that I would never lose such an important you, but today I can also calmly put you in the gradually disappearing memory. I have always been self-righteous love you and grown up like this. I refuse all the warmth that is not yours and hug each other when I am helpless and sad, refuse or not believe that you gave me up like this. The days passed away in my self-righteous miss. Suddenly one day, I found that when I grew up, I would not have so many unwillingly. I would be very quiet, not noisy, not capricious, not thinking, and not feeling wronged, I just want to be a quiet child. I am strong and stubborn alone in the world without you. I don’t want to hear too many other people’s stories or let others know my stories, in this way, I would rather make others lonely than myself. Sometimes I am very contradictory. I hope you live happily, and I am very pleased. But sometimes, I think you don’t want to be so happy selfishly. I am afraid that you are so happy, just forget me, and when I can’t forget you, I can only think hard, I just want, when I miss you, you also miss me a little bit, just a little bit, it will not affect your life and your world. You don’t know my sadness, just snuggle up in the cold night. I don’t blame you. I just want to taste the missing that is getting farther and farther out of your world. I thought I could escape from missing, and I thought I could have the courage to fly alone if I left the city with your memory. But losing you wandering is just escaping, love is just dealing with the lonely and uneasy heart occasionally. Wandering: I just want to look for strange cities one by one, find some surprises, some unknown things, stay, and then leave. Just like the short love I had experienced. At this time, my mood was calm, but missing could still be easily shaken by time. I believe that the waiting for so many years is the foreshadowing of meeting you, but I don’t know. It turns out that I have to leave even when I meet you, so I can only stay for a short time, maybe it is because I haven’t waited enough. The spell of Ferris wheel says: The longer you wait, the happier you will meet! Did I wait not long enough, or did I wait for the wrong night with moonlight? Every time I try hard to practice forgetting you and preparing for success, as long as you are an excuse for spring. My folded mood was blown up again. But after all, you are not in my world, and I will not play your broken string. I don’t know who you give your sincerity to, but I know who you accompany in your most beautiful years. This time I finally had no excuse to wait. But I still don’t understand whether it is a moment of fireworks or unwilling to be lonely. Those who once said love me. If life is just for the first time, no one will see the regret of ending, but fate may not be like this. Some people are destined to miss some things. Just like some people are destined to wait for others, while others are destined to be waited. I always know that there is always someone waiting for me, and I am also waiting for another person. I know, I know, your fault must be the fate of sadness in your previous life, it is also an ambiguous joke made by fate! Now, I can only feel unscrupulous loneliness in the days when I miss you. The painful smile increases the vicissitudes you have never seen before. I pieced together the scattered fragments, but it was still an incomplete memory. Migratory birds fly south early, leaving me alone in winter. I will leave you yesterday after crying fiercely. Loneliness is like the snow in winter. Hiding in a warm room, through the glass, the white world you can see is a kind of innocuous beauty, but touching it is really cold. Just like happiness, I can’t touch it even though I have seen its shadow! How to feel, it is the climate where snowflakes bloom, and the cold is clear and touchable. With whom I tremble or hug, I don’t understand that is the gentleness I don’t want to get. Whoever holds the hand has an uncertain premonition of happiness. How to cherish it is not everlasting, because you didn’t take me across the sea, this is the only regret! One day I will understand that love is just a romantic affair! One day I will understand that you and I are just the fate of meeting by chance! The New Year’s Eve of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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