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No walk around the temple fair

Today, friends in Luohe mentioned the temple fair, saying that the temple fair in Luoyang may have higher taste than those of them. I think it may be similar or different. I might as well compare it with my friend’s temple fair, the temple fair is located in the ruins of Sui and Tang Dynasties. On the last day of the temple fair, we drove to it at the invitation of our friends. Both sides of the gate of the venue were already full of cars, and the parking lot was also full. It was easy for us. People flooded from all directions. Several ticket-selling windows were lined up. Vendors selling all kinds of small toys came to sell. I said, “I really know how to do business. When I entered the venue, I could see the boundless space at a glance. (I knew the inside was very large. My son drove me around the inside before it was built. There were small bridges and flowing water everywhere, and all kinds of trees were in order, I can’t finish it if I don’t drive.) Black and blue, all kinds of play, playing and singing, kneading people, sugar blowing people, acrobatics opera…… Everything. My friend’s child couldn’t move when he saw the toy. All kinds of wind and wind were in the underground. She bought this one and wanted another one. She wanted another one when she changed that one. We walked to the stall of a kneading Man again, and I couldn’t step any more. I liked all kinds of handicrafts and wanted to see their manufacturing process. We bought a Pleasant Goat, the boss said that this kind of cute Pleasant Goat sold very fast was laughing at us just like he just came out of the TV. The Tigers in the year of tiger are also indispensable. The big and small tigers that are powerful in the year of tiger line up at one time, just like queuing up to welcome visitors. I picked up the card on the table: Is this your card? You teach? The boss nodded and said: teach me! Tuition yi qian yuan. I really have a task, or I really want to learn. When I entered the temple fair, no one’s eyes were enough. I couldn’t finish it for a day. I was no less than a child. Everything I saw was novel. A man placed a wooden box underground, there were several animal things jumping on the inside layer. The man hit it with a small hammer, and it shrank its head and said, “can’t hit me, can’t hit me. I was afraid of being too far away from my friend, so I just stopped for a while. My friend’s daughter is going to play trampoline, so I just walk around by myself. I am like everything. He walked to the stall where the word was measured. He said, “you don’t have to tell me your last name. I can figure it out for you. You don’t need money, but you need money. I did what he said, and he guessed my family name as expected. He said that he could still guess several people in my family, writing 1 in one hand. 2. 3. 4. 5……, The next one reads 2. 3. 4. 5. 6….., Further down 3. 4. 5. 6. 7, such an analogy is written. He took the first one and asked me if there were any people in my family. I said yes, and I said no in the second and third. I suddenly understood: I know, so I can guess. The man stopped talking with the digital card. Stepping through the gurgling water, there are several stalls of rings here. There are all kinds of rabbits in the small cages. If you want to catch that rabbit, you will be yours. There are also small goldfish. Every time they fall in the circle, they will be hurt once. They will have a scared heartbeat, sweat, and maybe even have a serious illness. The sound of Horn came out: there is Palace autumn fiber here. There are many autumn fibers hanging under a big turntable: sit down. Friends said. I dare not sit down, you sit down! The phone of Qiu Xian’s friend just finished sitting rang, saying that he had something urgent to leave, and the temple fair was not finished, so let’s come next year. 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