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When I prayed for the safety of all people, I suffered an accident and everything was like a dream. Many accidents were caused by temporary negligence. Most of the time I told my child to pay attention to safety, but I had such a careless idea. Fortunately, it was not the child that hurt me. I think I should be optimistic and strong. Even though I couldn’t move and my body was hurt, I still smiled and kept a hearty laughter. When I calmed down, I thought maybe I passed death, maybe I passed disability. I clearly remember that on the road of green mountains and grass, I couldn’t open my eyes. I struggled, I wanted to sit up in a daze, or I really sat up, when I was half in a coma, I felt that someone seemed to squat down and talk to me. I couldn’t open my eyes, my mouth or hear what he was saying clearly, I can’t even see how embarrassed I am. I don’t feel any pain, I don’t know where I am, and occasionally I can lift my eyelids heavily. I think I am sitting there. Occasionally, I lifted my eyes and saw my glasses away, lying lonely in the Xuan soil; I saw a piece of blood stain on my arm that had been killed; the next scene is to see a woman coming towards me hurriedly; I saw my nephew in gray clothes coming towards me as well. I don’t know how long I only have these pictures. I seemed to be in my sleep, feeling that woman pulled my arm and helped me go. When I opened my eyes again, I changed my child’s father. No one talked to me. I opened my eyes and saw a green mountain. I instinctively wondered: Where is this? Chengde. The child’s father answered without expression. Where is this? I still asked puzzled. Fengning. He re-answer. I still don’t understand. I feel heavy, but I don’t feel any pain. I can only open my eyes once in a while, it seems that I am in a dream. I suddenly thought of my son and asked hurriedly: where is my son? In this. I saw my son standing there. But the consciousness is still not very clear, just like the fragments in the dream. I may cry, but I don’t know why? When I was more sober, I was already lying on the bed of that woman’s house. I heard the anxious voice of my child’s father and called my classmate very urgently, saying that I needed to go to the hospital for brain CT. I left immediately. I’m in a hurry to stop it. I’m fine. I’m fine. When the woman listened to me, she suddenly felt relieved: I got it, Mum, scared me to death. You were scared just now. She looked at me with concern and said softly, as if a stone fell from her heart to the ground. I began to be a little sober and understood what had happened. I heard the child’s father said that he would give money to the peasant woman, but she didn’t want it. She also urged her to leave after dinner. My reaction is still slow, I don’t want to worry about too many things, and there is no pain. My child’s father hurriedly helped me get on the bus at this noon. I began to feel pain in my left foot and did not force me. Collapsed into the seat, he continued to call his nephew’s aunt in Beijing and contacted the Suburban Hospital. They called back and forth, and I was in a daze. After several hours of driving, I was completely sober and knew what had happened. There was no sadness. They talked and laughed as usual. They also relaxed. I opened the car mirror and saw scratches on my right face and forehead. I forgot which service area I went to. I wanted to go to the bathroom, but I couldn’t get off at all. My son hurriedly came to help me, and I felt pain all over my body. My left shoulder and chest hurt badly, and my left foot hurt even more. I clenched my teeth to support me, and my whole body was covered with dirt, and my face was not cleaned, the mess was like a remnant soldier from the battlefield. Many people looked at me doubtfully. I gritted my teeth and walked into the women’s bathroom. Despite the pain, I insist. My son took me back to the car, and his father sighed with tiredness. He was extremely tired. I teased my nephew and asked him about my accident. He said: aunt, you are stupid. You don’t know anything. You don’t know even if you wash your face. Your face is covered with soil. He pointed at me and smiled, so did I. Along the way, I still insisted on not going to the hospital, feeling that there was no big deal. It was already dark, and my kid’s father had something urgent in the unit tomorrow. Besides, he was very tired. I don’t want to delay time outside. There are watermelon sellers on the roadside, and next to them are watermelon fields and melon fields. In order to have a rest, the three men went down to pick watermelons and melons. I glanced at the rolling watermelons in the field, hitting them at ordinary times, and I was already roaring excitedly to take photos. At this time, I just want to close my eyes. I was worried that his son and nephew would be sleepy when he was tired of driving, and there was no sound. The father of the child talked to himself as if to remind himself to pay attention to his energy. I almost lost my spirit. After nine hours in a trance, I finally drove to the downstairs of my home at 9 o’clock in the evening. My son took me off the car, my foot hurt badly, and my left chest also hurt abnormally. My skinny son wanted to carry me upstairs. I thought he was very hard and had a lot of luggage to take, so he insisted on climbing the stairs by himself. The fourth floor is so difficult, half step is difficult …… the little nephew is very useful at this time, he went upstairs and downstairs, carrying luggage and watermelon, full of energy. Living outside for a few days, the first thing to go home, I still have to take a shower. Occasionally, when I met the wound, I shouted to buffer and contain the pain. I was also surprised by my strong strength, or I was always independent and endured everything by myself. I thought my optimism was enough to move myself. For the next two days, I could only lie on the bed. My left ankle was swollen like steamed bread, and it was a pit when my feet fingers were pressed up. Both the right face and forehead have blood scabs. The thumb of the right hand was badly swollen, and the right elbow was bruised. There are several bruising blue and purple spots on the right leg, knee and lower leg, and the outer side of the left upper arm is swollen like the trench in my hometown when I was young. The left shoulder hurt and could not lift the arm. The most terrible thing is that the left chest and left foot hurt so much that they couldn’t hold on. I have to experience another kind of life for a short time, the life of the disabled. I think this is also a rare experience. Therefore, from the bottom of my heart, I didn’t feel any annoyance or dejection. I also doubted whether I was a very strange person. His father was very busy when he came back to work. Don’t care about me, fortunately, my child is at home. I think what kind of pain will disappear after time filtering, as long as I am willing to endure. But my friend advised me to go to the hospital, check it and rest assured. It is not that I am ignorant, but that I am stubborn and confident. Confidence is a minor injury. What made my head worse was tossing upstairs and downstairs. I felt distressed that my son couldn’t carry it. I seemed to be a big fat man. Following my friend’s advice, I went to the hospital on the third day and found that my head and scalp hurt. I took photos of my chest and feet, and other skin injuries were ignored. As a result, the foot bone was fractured and plaster was applied for at least six weeks. The young doctor quickly cast a plaster on me, saying that my chest was a muscle bruise and hurt. He knew that it was very painful. He only needed to raise it slowly without special treatment. My son decided to buy a pair of crutches. The next morning, I had to go to the hospital for reexamination. I tried to set up a pair of crutches myself, but I was not skilled, so I lost my center of gravity after a few times, and threw a pint fiercely. This pain hurt me at any time, my body, my heart, I cried loudly in chagrin. The old injury of coccyx falling recurred, and it can’t be more for a while. The chest is more painful, the shoulder is more hurt, and the heart is more painful. I was so stupid that I became a waste. The following is a long waiting day, waiting for the healing of the foot bone. It is also a day when my heart is filled with more emotions and trained my son. I don’t think this accident will come in vain. My experience is the harvest of life. My son’s ability to live, take care of others and take responsibility will be strengthened. 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