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Keep gampsocleis

Grasshopper, I don’t know who has this name, has been circulating till now. Every summer, in the fields of the country, the sound of grasshopper will be heard, and when you walk near the sound, I couldn’t hear it immediately, and I wouldn’t find where the grasshopper who just made a sound went after lookingRead More


Fog elimination

The morning wind at the end of autumn was rustling coldly, and the sunshine was hidden in the colorful clouds, which meant no rush out of the clouds. Wandering in the shallow fog forest, thinking silently, thinking silently, leaving my thoughts away silently, flying to the infinite wind, blowing the hair messy, disturbing the heartstrings,Read More


Early dream

[First dream, first thought] Somehow, she came into my dream that night. I was just happy and complaining. I thought she wouldn’t enter my dream, but I didn’t think about it, so I came. I didn’t dream of her until such a long time passed. What on earth did God want to show! I don’tRead More