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Give me

What I fear most is that I wake up inexplicably in the middle of the night and stay awake until dawn. Day and night are two completely different worlds. No matter what the day is, there is some sunshine, but it is always gloomy at night. I don’t know which one is the real selfRead More


Other side

Jade people never come I think of the moon in the bright moon Hidden Mist lift the first look diagonal path forget to come I love the other shore everything into the bosom flower leaves never see the birth of the wrong two generations open green nothingness three way the next day pass flower brokenRead More


Next Life’t be a woman

I didn’t want to be a woman since I was young. Women have too many inconveniences. Men can pee while women can’t. This is just a dwarf. I tried it when I was young, I also stood and peed once in a deserted place, but finally I peed a pair of trousers. I was bornRead More