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Difficulty is an abstract concept, which can neither be seen nor touched. However, in the journey of human or animal, everyone will encounter difficulties. Difficulty is a necessary process for growth. People who are brave enough to accept difficulties will grow stronger and stronger in their lives. It is also a good thing to have difficulties. Nature traps people in darkness, forcing people to yearn for light forever. The difficulty is the reef. Only when the seawater dares to attack can the beautiful spray be aroused. Difficulties are double-edged swords. Difficulties force people to find ways. Difficult environments can train talents. Difficulty is a net that imitates your vitality; Difficulty is a wall that constitutes your self-limitation and development. However, if you have the courage and strength to break through these two lines of defense, all victory belongs to you. Hardship and hardship is the highest institution of learning to temper personality, and the difficulty overcome is the opportunity to win. Life is tempered in difficulties and grown in failures. Overcome difficulties and get out of difficulties. Success will belong to you. Among the celebrities at all times and in all countries, almost all those who have made great achievements are the strong ones who struggle against all kinds of difficulties and fight bravely. Sima Qian in Han Dynasty wrote the great work “records of the Historian” just because he was not afraid of difficulties and endured humiliation. Without that indomitable spirit, can he become a person who attracts worldwide attention? As soon as they landed, difficulties lay ahead. In the face of difficulties, some people became deserters. They were depressed and unintelligible in the face of difficulties. However, some people always prepared in advance in the face of difficulties and climbed up to the difficulties until they reached victory. As long as the backbone is not bent, there is no mountain that can’t be carried. Everyone will suffer a lot. When you spend it with a positive attitude, you will become a better, more generous and more successful person. Difficulties are the opponents of our life. In front of them, there are only two ways to be defeated and defeated. Let’s summon up courage to defeat the biggest opponent in life. If it is strong, you will be stronger than it, and if it is fierce, you will be stronger than it. As long as your courage is above the difficulties, your momentum is above the difficulties, and your determination is above the difficulties, why can’t you overcome the difficulties. The sea of life has momentum because of waves, and the road of life has twists and turns. After a few steps of preparation, you can jump higher; After the reflection after suffering, you can eject further. Adversity can test a person’s character, and a great situation can show great integrity. Don’t be afraid of difficulties. As long as you are a good person, someone will help you. Walking out of the haze, the number of failures will be less and less. When facing challenges, the road of life will be wider and wider. Those who dare to struggle are not afraid of difficulties in their hearts. Don’t be afraid of difficulties in doing things. Difficulty is a stepping stone for genius, and hardship can nurture the power of soul and spirit. Optimism is the only panacea to stay away from failure. Take difficulties as the test of God, and be optimistic about everything. Nothing in the world is willing mind, Warriors front non-dangerous road. Only through hard beating and grinding can the steps of life become more sonorous and powerful. Difficulties, difficulties, difficulties when you are trapped at home; A way out, a way out, a way out of the house. Good luck in good times is what people hope for; Good luck in adversity is what people surprise. No difficulty, no wisdom. Although the world is suffering a lot, suffering can always be overcome. Those who are afraid of taking rugged roads do not want to climb the peak. Never succumb to the bad luck of failure and face difficulties and setbacks calmly. You are not afraid of high mountains, but your legs are soft. The risk comes from that you don’t know what you are doing. Difficulties are like springs, depending on whether you are strong or not; If you are strong, he will be weak, and if you are weak, he will be strong. You are not afraid of difficulties, and you will be afraid of difficulties. Winter has come, will spring be far away? The journey of life is a harmonious movement, and all the unhappiness is just a small note in the struggle. Climbing to the top of the mountain, it may be scarred, but what I saw was infinite scenery. There are only unpleasant axes and no firewood that cannot be split. The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory. There are mountains and roads, and rivers can be crossed. Nothing is difficult, if you put your heart. Miao can’t grow into a tree without wind and rain, and it is difficult for people to become talented without difficulties. The most difficult time is when we are not far from success. It is the highest level of life to be proud and indifferent, to be frustrated and calm, to forget all the poor, to be flattered. God gives people wisdom as well as difficulties. God set up heavy obstacles on the road completely to strengthen your will. The sea without reef can not arouse the beautiful spray; The life without twists and turns can not walk out of the bright shining spots. After experiencing ups and downs, you will understand: for a person who has ideals and pursuits, there is no place like swamps and desolate hillsides. Suffering shows talent, good luck conceals talent. People who can overcome difficulties can turn difficulties into good opportunities. Attach great importance to difficulties, because it will invade your heart quietly, disintegrate your will bit by bit, disappear your courage and confidence, and make you fall into the trap of destruction and unable to extricate yourself. Only through hell-like training can the power of creating heaven be refined. Only the fingers flowing through the blood can play the masterpiece of the world. On the road of life, everyone will encounter difficulties and setbacks, depending on whether you can overcome them. If you win, you will be a hero and a strong person in life. In the big wind and waves of life, we often learn from the captain and throw away heavy goods under the storm to reduce the weight of the ship. Only when we have difficulties can we stop and eliminate our competitors who are inferior to us. Difficulties are not our enemies, but our benefactors. Kites can fly because of adverse wind, and people can grow because of adversity; If a person is positioned correctly, no matter how difficult it is, it will not beat him. If you are afraid of any difficulties, you can improve yourself with the help of others’ intelligence and management experience, make up for your own shortcomings, and march towards the threshold of success. There should be two lights in everyone’s heart, one is the light of hope and the other is the light of courage. With these two lights, we are not afraid of the darkness of the sea and the danger of the wind and waves. You may face many difficulties in your life, but to never give up, you need to be strong. Only by being strong can you face up to the difficulties you face; You need to be brave, only this courage will not leave a shadow in the heart of difficulties; It also needs a confidence. Only this confidence can support oneself to face greater difficulties. Gorky once said: let the storm come more violently! Yes, difficulties and setbacks are like condiments in life. Without these, life will become plain. Let’s face the setbacks of life with a smile, like the sea swallow in the storm, full of pride and ambition, and taste the joy of success! Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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