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[Introduction] friendship is really regardless of the age and the young, regardless of men and women, and care is always there. At this point, when he recalled the teacher, he still felt deep pain in his heart. I don’t know when he can really wake up and no longer fall asleep like this, I don’t know if he feels that all of us are cheering for him. Time flies so fast that people who don’t know anything always look forward to the situation when they grow up, but they always feel that growing up is far away and have thought about what they need, but everything is lost to the most essential laziness. I don’t know why, but I always run away in panic and never dare to face the deepest part of my heart naked, by the way, I found the most dignified reason to irrigate my ignorance of the seedlings of self-deception, to suppress my positive as death, on the other hand, I tried my best to ask myself to smile happily, as if the spring breeze blows my face without any negative emotions. Invisible, when I am happy, no one can see that I feel uneasy in my heart. They all think that I am cheerful and lively, and I love to laugh and make noise, most of the mischievous jokes happened were criticized as naughty kids (when it comes to kids, I suddenly think of that old ghost, hehe, a netizen I respect, I don’t know if his trouble is solved, OH). When I fell into the world of one person, I couldn’t blend in the happiness of the surrounding environment. It is like that at every party in school, everyone smells the passion of music, but I look down and yawn. My friends gather and chat, but I can listen while being distracted by the flying birds in the outside world, don’t I take it seriously? No, I am get used to a person’s world. The unsociable character made my youth not squander in the sky where it should stay. I locked it into that little dormitory, and I didn’t like to go out except for three meals a day, friends come less and go less. If it were not for school time, they would hardly step forward. Before I went to junior high school, I seldom set foot on the bustling streets in the town. Then, except for school time, I could stay in my room for a summer and winter vacation. I didn’t like to visit the door or accompany me. My friend’s invitation was always rejected because I was in no mood. My mother had a headache for several times and even threatened me to burn those books, but I still did. Although I was at peace with my classmates in primary school, some of them had no choice but to argue with them, hide their books to make them easy to find, and fight against the naughty classmates for a composition, I was dissatisfied with the whole class because of the humiliation of my grades. I passed the female classmate’s mouth, moved the chair and played with the classmate to fall down.. But I have never been called parents, which may benefit from my usual cleverness. In a few words, the teacher also wiped out the trivial matters. In fact, I still don’t understand why teachers and some outsiders and elders all think I am clever? Xu ran, let me say nothing in front of them. But in essence, those who are close to the ink are black, and maybe they are even more isolated and abnormal, so there are few playmates. When there are more playmates, the way of greeting is fierce. As a result, there are too many complaints, it took two or three years to completely correct the rude way of greeting. When I was in junior high school, my personality didn’t change much, but my friends further expressed my moody nature. She said, you are such an Untimed Bomb that you may be detonated at any time and put out inexplicably at any time. The first moment you smile, the next moment you are furious. Slowly, I came out of the final conclusion of this bomb, but the attitude of muddling along because of changes in my heart remained unchanged all the time, and I also looked coldly at the laughter and anger of my classmates nearby.. Occasionally, several innocuous jokes hid my mind. Up to now, I can’t figure out how could I have such a changeable character. It’s useless to try my best to suppress it, and I will only lie to myself that I am very happy. However, at that time, although I behaved like this, I didn’t have such cognition in my heart. I smiled heartless every day, grew up and analyzed slowly, and then I found that I was actually grumpy. It doesn’t matter what grandma said, few people can accept my bad temper. If you don’t change it, the society will definitely touch the nails. In high school, I am still me. Every day I go to and from school, my life is dull and boring, but I am moved by the selflessness of the head teacher. It turns out that people are friendly, it turns out that we can ask others for help when we are in trouble. It turns out that others generally don’t refuse to help us. It turns out that we should believe that there are such a group of people who are selfless and sincere in their hearts.. Friendship really ages regardless of men’s and women’s, care forever in.. (At this point, when I recalled the teacher, I still felt deep pain in my heart. I don’t know when he can really wake up and no longer fall asleep like this, I don’t know if he feels that all of us are cheering for him, praying, whether he still remembers us, whether he remembers the happiness of our traveling together, I don’t know how he can fall asleep without saying anything like this. Does he forget that we will pay New Year greetings to him every Spring Festival? Alas…) However, even though I was hot on the surface, I was still not used to it in front of strangers or unfamiliar friends, Even though he was enthusiastic, he felt a little indifferent and alienated. Therefore, except for those friends, his classmates were always classmates, and he found that he couldn’t get into any group anyway. Maybe I care too much about others’ feelings, so that in some cases, I am used to absorbing others’ opinions. Even if I have my own ideas in my heart, I agree with them, but strangely, whenever this happens, the ending will always verify the accuracy of my intuition, ah. People are delicate and chic because of self-confidence.. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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