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I have heard a lot of comments from my friends, and I am very touched. Next, I would also like to mention some internal suggestions. I. Problems of comments comments comments still haven’t developed. There are not many comments. In fact, there are not many articles published in one day, but many of them don’tRead More


Broken pieces

I don’t want to be here every Sunday, but I am here to read every dead morning and every ridiculous secret in my memory. I can’t read you and me who didn’t know how to miss at that time, pain but hurt heart why you and me, the movie was arranged after half an hour.Read More



[Introduction]: Although there are only a few strokes, they are sincere. I hope the author can highlight the theme of the article and enrich the content. Welcome to prose online and look forward to your further contribution. I searched the internet all night last night, but I was tired in vain. Today, I searched theRead More