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Kindness is the rarest Pearl in the world, shining whenever and wherever. No matter at all times, at home and abroad, or the vicissitudes of time, people have been praising two words from generation to generation: kindness. Only when you are kind can you give your love selflessly and rush for others’ warmth and warmth. Only when you are kind-hearted can you try your best to help the crisis and help the poor, and also comfort the wounds of others’ hearts with warm feelings. Only when kind people do things for others can they be fair and upright, uphold justice, and put themselves in others’ shoes everywhere. Only the kind people can truly think for themselves and pay attention to people’s livelihood. Only in this way can the most concerned, direct and realistic interests of people be put in mind. Nowadays, although people are praising kindness, most people in the real China society still like to be praised as handsome, beautiful, smart and capable, but don’t like kindness that can’t be proved. Besides, personal interpretations of what kindness is are probably different. Maybe they are honest, honest, nice or stupid. Is a fool a compliment? Even if it is honest and honest, honest and honest give people an impression that it is boring. Many people think honest people are boring, lack of wit and dull. This impression makes people feel that kindness is not a compliment. This is a huge misunderstanding. Kindness and honesty are actually two different things. A person needs a certain degree of knowledge to do bad things. To be kind, one needs wisdom. Therefore, a kind person can be humorous, witty, lively and funny. In fact, only those who have the ability to be humorous and funny have the ability to be kind. Ordinary people always think that being handsome and beautiful can get popularity and be a star; Being smart can go to college and be a senior official; Being capable can do things and be rich. But what can kindness do? This is the idea of a bad person. Only the kind people know the value of kindness. On the contrary, people who know the value of kindness are willing to be kind people all the time. Good people know that people are happy when they are kind, and there is nothing more valuable than happiness in life. There was a lady who served as a part-time volunteer in a literary and artistic institution. She worked seriously and thoughtfully. She often had a smile on her face and knew that she was a kind woman at a glance. Someone flattered her kindness face to face and said with a smile: nowadays people compliment a woman. If that woman is a little beautiful, she will be flattered; If she is too ugly to be beautiful, she will be called Smart; it is really impossible to say that she is smart, so she is said to be capable; Even it is obviously wrong to be capable, which means she is kind. Therefore, kindness is a word that can only be used when all other advantages cannot be said. Although she was smiling and told as a joke, people were scared but surprised after hearing it. Goodness, the most basic virtue of human beings, when has its rank been reduced to the lowest? Although what she said was a joke, I’m afraid it was accumulated by the custom formed by the responses of people in the society to various compliments. In fact, this is the biggest misunderstanding of kindness. True kindness is expressed by human qualities to be true kindness. From the perspective of time, the real kindness is not a sudden whim, but a long-term insistence on good deeds and lifelong ignorance. For example, Cong Fei, an artist from Shenzhen, donated millions to the Hope Project for several years and all his savings. Even when he learned that he was suffering from a terminal illness, he still did not stop donating. From the perspective of space, the real kindness is not only the kindness of 1.1 things, but also the kindness, kindness and kindness to all things, which can spread all beings. The real act of kindness is the act of Incognito, not showing off, not showing off, and not showing off. Good deeds must have conscience. Conscience is an individual’s understanding of his social responsibility and social obligation, and it is the internal standard for an individual to distinguish right from wrong and good from evil. To be more popular, the so-called conscience is to understand the sympathy and care for the weak, that is, to reach out a helping hand when understanding the most needed of others, that is, the kind heart, the kind heart and the kind heart, sympathy, compassion. Conscience is the most faithful friend of people. Not only individuals need it, but also society needs it. When a nation and a society have more conscientious people, this nation, this society will become warm, lovely and beautiful, and will become very cohesive. Conscience is a part of human nature. However, to a greater extent, it depends on the social existence of human beings and the education they receive. Therefore, conscience cannot be separated from morality, and those who are shameless will not have conscience. It is also hard to imagine that a person lacking conscience will be a person with noble moral interests. Conscience is a kind of inner voice of human beings, which supervises and adjusts human behaviors all the time, and issues commands to human behaviors: what should be done and what should not be done; sometimes conscience will force you to do good deeds, good deeds, things that accumulate virtue, things that help people, things that benefit the public and things that benefit the society, do things that make others feel warm. Therefore, conscience will improve a person’s humanity, make people be kind and kind, and make people full of sympathy and compassion. Conscience is still the best procurator and judge. It is always silently supervising and commanding people’s every move. Therefore, since ancient times, conscience has been a name. When people have undivided desires or wrong actions, they will take the initiative to call it, correct it and say to you: it is wrong and wrong to do so, I am sorry for others, and I have to be punished, but I can’t do it like this! Sometimes, when people do some wicked things, conscience will come to accuse and judge you, making you feel uneasy, guilty, ashamed and even painful, sorry for others, sorry for yourself, therefore, you either confess to God, or do some other good deeds and good deeds as compensation for your own sins. This is what people often say about the discovery of heaven. A German philosopher named Schopenhauer said: reputation is the conscience which is expressed outside, and conscience is the reputation which is hidden inside. In short, conscience is actually a person’s moral standards and values, and the bottom line for a person to judge things correctly and wrongly. Indeed, pure conscience is more valuable than anything else. Kindness is good. Only when you are kind can you sow rain and dew for others’ happiness. Only when you are kind can you sow the sun for others’ happiness. Kindness is like the warm current in the cold wind, giving life the greatest care and infinite hope. Kindness is the most ardent love in human nature. When we think of it, our hearts are filled with passion. Kindness is the most beautiful note of our social harmony, and kindness is the beautiful bridge for people to communicate, understand and tolerate. We deeply believe that our hearts will be purified if we associate with kind people. Getting close to kind people will broaden our mind. If there are more kind people in the world, our world will become more glorious. We sincerely wish that all kind people in the world will be healthy, happy, happy and auspicious forever! Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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