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[Introduction] But Basis path arrangement finally normal, total practice 7 hours, weekly 1 2 times training, coach Fine, 40 away middle-aged, children only elementary school. When I was training, I asked him what kind of questions he could answer. He said that I had a good sense of direction and encouraged me if I had strong points. “learning to drive with long sentences”: galloping far, floating, relaxed and happy. Outside the car screen, there are various styles and poetic feelings. Miaoqu enters the Wonderland leisurely, and the man dance is soft and still plays the piano. In a flash, the clouds cleared away, thrilling! To get started, it is difficult to get started. Just upside down, don’t worry. Flexible and free, it is not easy! The direction of the hand is life, and the heart is dedicated to safe driving. In the rush, the courtesy is meticulous, remember! End of last November decided to learn to drive, in Jiangning Yonggao driving application, in age, learn driving team like I’m in count a second child Old three. The literary test was very serious. I passed it at 99 points, and then I went to the simulator. It was too slow. It took 4 hours for one month, and one hour per week was arranged, and most of them were early and late. Riding a motorcycle to meet the cold wind; Driving a motorcycle to come, with the night. A little girl who learned driving told me that she finished it in 4 hours and half a day, because her brother was in the driving school, I really wanted to send a fire to the front desk, thinking it doesn’t matter, no rush to get driver’s license, ‘d like to see what knows how long completion. But basic path arrangement finally normal, total practice 7 hours, weekly 1 2 times training, coach Fine, 40 away middle-aged, children only elementary school. When I was training, I asked him what kind of questions he could answer. He said that I had a good sense of direction and encouraged me if I had strong points. I pointed out my mistakes. Sometimes I pulled over, turned to small S bend, the acceleration is all operated freely by me. After 2 hours of training on the main road, sometimes the speed is 60 kilometers, he just gently reminded: the speed is 50, but never reprimanded. Once I planned to overtake from the right on the main road, he immediately asked, who taught you this?, hee hee, I said in my heart, this is what I taught myself, so I immediately adjusted from the left to the past. Sometimes when the atmosphere became awkward and dull, he hummed a little song to ease the atmosphere and gave him a pack of cigarettes to relieve his fatigue. He repeatedly said, “Thank you, thank you. Ha ha, what a good coach. The training is much faster. The training is more concentrated for 6 hours. The coach is 50 years away. It’s good to talk with me. He likes to talk with me when I am operating, I forgot to operate him, but he smiled. Unexpectedly, he taught me the driving experience besides pile dumping, that is, how to use point brake, and sometimes he joked with me. I forgot to operate the program, he said that I was fooling him. I gave him a pack of old Nanjing cigarettes to relieve his fatigue. He repeatedly said that this cigarette was good because he was also an old cigarette gun. Think about it, it was a very pleasant training, haha. When I arrived at the Electronic road training, the reception desk was arranged better. The woman also considered my age and tried to reduce the interval arranged. Coach better, training of 6 hours, operation on no matter how I error, he never did not send a little fire, I reckon he is the driving character best coaches, he kept asking me to turn the steering wheel around the discus project, making me dizzy in front, back, left and right, but the wheels were still rolling the discus. Later, I simply didn’t listen to him and operated completely by feeling, but he didn’t get angry or force him, just sat in the co-pilot’s position helplessly and kept silent. I was so surprised that I went home and turned on the computer to study how to wrap the cake by myself, later, under his guidance, I finally succeeded. I went to Nanjing Banqiao to take the exam. I could wrap the discus around before the exam simulation of the electronic road test. In fact, my strong points are the big S curve and the fixed point of the ramp, there is no deviation at all, because this is the title given by the coach. Every time after the training, no matter how bad I am, he always says that it is good!. However, it was different when I got to the comprehensive Road. The coach somehow ignored people from beginning to end, and his age was just around 30 years old, as if I owed him something and didn’t respect personality at all during training, after all, I also have a certain age, all of which are reprimanded and rhetorical questions. There are a lot of complaints. The voice of the instruction is very small, stuffy in the throat, very impatient, and give him a cigarette, he didn’t want to send cigarettes, but he himself kept smoking. It was really like a strange person. I heard that the strange person was a superior person, but I couldn’t see where he was tall, after this I won’t he says a word more, three weeks 5-hour training end. At the end of the training, you unexpectedly told me that you would not pass the test or exam!, I wonder why the coach always wants his students to pass the exam since I can’t pass the exam. I just didn’t believe in evil, and I didn’t participate in the re-training. I only went to his car to practice for a few minutes before the exam and left in front of him. As a result, I went to the Shifo Temple driving school exam in Jiangbei and successfully passed the final road exam at one time! WBH, lol. Here, I want to thank coach Zhou from basic Road, coach Liu from the pile, coach Xiao Lu from electronic Road. Their teaching style can be called virtue, and of course I will never forget these people. Think about it. Learning to drive is sour, sweet, bitter and salty. In fact, life is the same as driving, full of twists and turns. The key depends on how you adjust your mind. Yes, driving is important, A good sense of direction is an advantage, but isn’t the road of life the same? In fact, it is not necessarily that young people should have a sense of direction, and middle-aged people and old people should also have a sense of direction in life, because if middle-aged people don’t have a sense of direction, they will easily face the dilemma of “everything goes to middle age”; If old people don’t have a sense of direction, they will easily fall into a fear of the end. Therefore, in our life, we must adjust our mood and find our own sense of direction. With a long-term career plan, life will not be at a loss and go wrong. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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