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hui yu

Accept the gifts from life, whether good or bad. Now it is very painful. After a while, I will find that it is actually nothing. Break up with people who are malicious to yourself. Only when a person breaks off a friendship can he have a good friend. Don’t be smart about everything. You don’t have so many audiences, don’t be so tired. When difficulties come, face them with smile and solve them with wisdom. Gentle People and things, don’t lose temper at will, no one owes you. Learn to tolerate those who hurt themselves, because they are very poor. Everyone has his own difficulties, and everyone is not easy. You can never forget the past, but you must put it down. The tighter you pull, the more painful it is yourself. Don’t forget your roots, anything at any time. Be sincere, calm, generous, tolerant, and calm. Don’t try to find any excuses for yourself. No one likes to listen to those excuses in the face of mistakes. Be cautious and independent. When learning to compromise, you should also stick to your most basic principles. Giving does not necessarily lead to results, and persistence may lead to losing more. Be a simple person, steadfast and pragmatic. Don’t indulge in fantasy, don’t bother yourself. Don’t tell lies, because there will always be a day of being uncovered. Enrich yourself as much as possible, and don’t stop learning. No matter what you learn, language, cooking, all kinds of skills. Filial piety to parents is not only to talk about it, but also to make more phone calls. Love your parents, because they give you life, and also love the most selfless person you love. No matter when and what you do, you must think. Restrain your temper and occasionally keep silent deliberately, because impulse will do things that you can’t recover. No matter who you are, you have your own limits, especially trust. Never give a second chance to betray your friends. I know how to listen to others’ advice. What others say is kept in my mind, while my own is kept in my heart. Those who have never experienced can never understand these truths, but listening is also good. To truly understand the meaning of immortality, when you are suffering, the pain you want is not eternal, and when you are happy, the happiness you want is not eternal. Conscience is the most impartial judge of everyone. You can cheat others, but you can never cheat your own conscience. Be happy, open, tough, warm, and sincere to others. Live a relaxed life, and make the best plan and the worst plan for everything. Don’t overestimate your power in the collective, because when you choose to leave, you will find that even without you, the sun will also rise. Society is hierarchical, and many things are unfair. Don’t complain, because it’s useless. Read books when you are empty and boring, but you must have your own life goals and plans to read more books and read good books. Learn to endure and persist when it is not going well. Have a clear understanding of the weakness of human nature, but believe in sincere love, and always have a pure yearning for love. Efforts loved a person. If you give, you may not get something; If you don’t give, you will not get something. Don’t expect miracles. Don’t rely too much on people except yourself, because only you will not abandon yourself. Everyone is an independent individual. No one can live without anyone. Don’t try to control others, don’t ask others to understand you. Always be full of hope for life, and face difficulties and hardships with smile. Please remember that the definition of a good friend is: if you do well, he will be happy for you sincerely; If you do not well, he will be anxious for you sincerely. Don’t stay away from your close relatives and friends because of small disputes, and don’t forget others’ kindness because of small resentment. Commitment is a good thing, but good things often do not come true. Everyone has his or her own distinct proposition and personality. Don’t change others wisely. Similarly, don’t be changed by others. If you change it, you will not be yourself. Without perfect things or people, the key is to know exactly what you want. If you get what you want, you will definitely lose another part. If you want everything, you will only get nothing. When you are happy, the happiness you want is not eternal; When you are suffering, the pain you want is not eternal. Be optimistic, positive, laugh more, and look in the mirror. Live in the present, don’t waste your present life in missing the past or looking forward to the future. Make your own decisions and be ready to bear the consequences. Remind yourself from the beginning that there is no regret medicine in the world. When holding a thing in your hand, you can only have it. If you are willing to let go, you will have the opportunity to choose something else. If a man sticks to his own ideas and refuses to put them down, then his wisdom can only reach a certain degree. People you don’t like can be reported with a silent smile; People you like, then whatever you like, because your love can not be stopped. Don’t be a hedgehog. If you don’t have a grudge against others, you won’t have a grudge against others. You don’t have to keep some things in mind. Don’t speak aggressively, don’t have lethality, don’t praise what you have done, don’t advocate people’s evil, and naturally turn enemies into friends. Always forgive others. No matter how bad he is or even he has hurt you, you must put it down to get real happiness. People filled with their own opinions and thoughts will never hear others’ voices. Sometimes you have to learn to listen to the opinions of people around you. More often, this will not hurt yourself. If you don’t bother yourself, others will never bother you. Because of your own heart, you can’t let go. If you want one thing, you will lose another thing. Although it is painful, it makes people grow. It is an opportunity and a challenge for you to make progress. Don’t be afraid of painful things. It has another positive effect. Please remember, don’t waste your life where you will regret. Love all the beautiful things, praise and enjoy the beauty they bring. Love family members, friends, partners and children. However, you must live for yourself. You may not be beautiful, cute or gentle, but you must be honest and kind. There is only one word to destroy a person, but one thousand words to cultivate a person. Please show mercy more often. Never worry about what has happened or has not happened. It doesn’t help to worry about the fact that has already happened. What hasn’t happened depends on subjective speculation and can’t infer the direction of the matter, which just increases troubles. Don’t think about relying on others, but have goals and pursuits, which has nothing to do with age. Don’t always pour out your predicament in front of others and expose your vulnerability. Be brave to admit the mistakes you have made and assume the responsibilities it brings. Be a simple person, steadfast and pragmatic. Not Indulge fantasy. Not fussing. Learn to think, have a clear mind, understand your own small, and avoid narcissism. Don’t be strong in everything, because it is not as strong as imagined. There is no need to look back to see who cursed you? If a mad dog bites you, do you have to get down and bite him back? Evil words should never come from our mouth, no matter how bad or how evil they are. The more you scold him, your heart will be polluted. If a person has no feeling of suffering, it is not easy to give sympathy to others. If you want to learn the spirit of saving hardship, you have to suffer first. If you live for a day, you are blessed and should cherish it. When we cry without shoes to wear, you may find that someone has no feet. If you can spend the day peacefully, it will be a blessing. How many people can’t see the sun of tomorrow today, how many people have become disabled today, how many people have lost their freedom today, and how many people have been ruined today. Everyone has life, but not everyone knows life and even cherishes it. For people who don’t know life, life is a punishment for him. Face your inner contradictions and stains honestly, and don’t deceive yourself. When you are honest with yourself, no one in the world can deceive you. To be respectful to others is to respect yourself. With a selfless love, you have everything. Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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