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Steamed bread

Seeing him, I looked at him a few more times. In fact, I don’t know his name. It’s just our colleague. It is said that a breakfast can eat 20 steamed buns, the canteen opened a green channel for him to eat as much as he could. Tall, small head, strong body, wearing a pairRead More



[Editor’s note]: On October 31, 2009, I knew that my five-year efforts were just a shadow of Lin. Now, when Lin comes back, I have to disappear. No wonder he doesn’t want children, no wonder what he said was still early and what his family didn’t agree. It turned out to be just his excuse.Read More


Live In

[Introduction] Xiao duo was soon thrown out of the greenhouse and spent a winter in cold weather. The green leaves of the small flower were drained of blood by winter, and the remaining withered leaves were old and yellow, and the heart was broken for a long time. Xiaoduo lives in the greenhouse, which isRead More