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[Introduction] fall into the distance and want to see more scenery. Look at the scenery through time and space. When you see the scenery, what kind of yearning is left behind-I am not me, and you are not you. As soon as we entered the early winter, there was still the rain left in lateRead More


Old House

The old house was built in the 19th century. It lingered on till the end, with cracks and marks. No one understood her whine. In the morning, I pushed away the heavy Zhu men, and the old house made a creaking sound, as if telling the past, present and future. Leaning over and touching theRead More



[Editor’s note]: sacrifice ancestors with wine, reflecting that human beings do not forget their roots. Welcome guests with wine to show the importance of etiquette. Drink with wine and knowledge, so as to be able to split the heart into the belly. Is the soul of the dead still floating in the living space? AreRead More