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Indeed, I woke up just after 7 o’clock this morning and took out my mobile phone to dial my father’s phone. Unexpectedly, I couldn’t get through after three consecutive dials. I felt a little sad in my heart. Today is so special, why can’t my father get through the phone? When I just wanted to call my mother, but at that moment my mother’s phone came in unexpectedly. Before the phone came out, I used to call mom. But there came Dad’s happy voice saying it was dad. I immediately realized that Dad, happy birthday. When I heard it, my father smiled happily on the other side of the phone. When I went back home on National Day, I went home and sat on the sofa that night, and my father sat down with me immediately. He drank a little wine and asked my father to hug him while he was enjoying the wine. But I didn’t want to, but my father pulled me and let me sit on his knees. It seemed that I was back to my childhood in a trance. Because I was very tired, it was just eight o’clock after dinner, so I went back to my room to have a rest. My mother laid the bed long before I came back. I lay on the bed wearily, then my mother pushed the door and came in, lying on my right side. Within a few minutes, my father also came in, and he lay on my left side immediately. The picture was warm, that feeling is warm, I am how happy it is. After four days back home, my father drank every day, and there were many people at home every day. I didn’t really have dinner with my parents alone for several days back home. I was a little angry and said that you would drink like this again, I will not come back next time. But dad answered casually that he would not reply. Later, I heard from my mother that after saying that, my father told her that she was my daughter and she would understand me. Anyway, she was my daughter. I am your daughter. I understand you. I know why you are greedy for drinking. If you don’t worry about me day and night, why do you have to drink to relieve your sorrow so that you are addicted to drinking? Every time when guests come home, my father will tell my uncles that this is my daughter. It seemed that his daughter was his greatest pride. But as his daughter, my father is the person I am most proud. Since I was young, I have been proud of my father. He has many brothers, each of whom treats him like a brother. When there are difficulties, the uncles are never vague. They take care of each other with courage and courage, and share happiness with each other, it is impossible to describe the Brotherhood of father and uncle at the same time. So apart from being proud of my father, I envy him more. I can understand my father’s Brotherhood, because I am the same as my father. I also have many brothers and sisters who love and care about me. I know very well that they treat me like those uncles treat my father, from this point, our father and daughter are so lucky. In my eyes, my father is a tough man, but my father, who I regard as a man in my heart, has shed many tears for my daughter. 09 years 6 yue, I to go practice, I didn’t go home went to Shenzhen. I remember that my father called me almost every day at that time, and even said with tears that you should come back. Your mother was almost crying blind. But I still didn’t go home. At that time, I am so willful. In September, I finally realized the hardship outside. Although I said there were elder brothers and sisters, I really couldn’t stay any longer. Then I went back to Guilin, but I didn’t tell any relatives at that time. I found a job as a webmaster in an Internet cafe. One day, I listened to a song of my parents who were pitiful all over the world. I immediately cried, then I sent two very long messages to my father. Soon my father called him, and he cried and said, “my child, go home. It will be fine if you go home. Shall we go to junior college? I choked and responded vaguely. Maybe my father was afraid that I didn’t hear his words, so he asked my mother to call me. I cried loudly as soon as I heard my mother’s voice. Later, I went home, but I didn’t choose to continue studying. I went to Zhaoqing in October with my brother and uncle. Last year, I fell in love with someone. Regardless of anyone’s obstruction, I insisted on being with him. I even imagined that we would get married and be together forever. I even submitted my resignation, my mom and dad finally agreed to be with me under my pleading and willfulness. I was so excited that night that I didn’t fall asleep. But my mother called me the next morning, saying that I should break up with him. I haven’t reacted yet. Didn’t I say it was done last night? Regardless of my dullness, my mother continued to say that your father dreamed of you last night and cried when he woke up. He said he had only one daughter. How could he be willing to let her marry so far? After hanging up my mother’s phone, I didn’t know what it was like in my heart. My father, you shed tears for your disobedient daughter. How could you make my daughter feel? When someone disappeared in my life because of these things, I suddenly realized that my father was the one who loved me most. I was glad that I didn’t give up my father who loved me deeply for someone. Dad, although you are not talkative, I understand your love for your daughter. Although you won’t call me as frequently as mom did, I know that you expect to hear my voice more than mom. Although you would ask your mother to answer the phone when I called home, I knew that every time you hung up the phone, you would ask your mother what I said and whether I was doing well. Dad, my daughter knows you, and she remembers everything you have done for her. Dad, you said, let’s work together. Dad, today is your 42th birthday. My daughter can only wish you a happy birthday from afar. Next year, on your birthday, my daughter is looking forward to having a meal for you. Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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