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Finally, it took off, unexpectedly. Waiting and refusing, finally he boarded the plane of Ethiopia Airlines and headed west to that mysterious continent. Before leaving, the businessman living in Blantyre told me that the whole voyage was close to 27 hours, and the estimated departure time on the travel itinerary was 21:30, and the time to arrive in the capital of Ethiopia, Ethiopia, was 06:45, anyway, it only takes 9 hours. 9 hours is just a matter of closing and opening our eyes, but in fact, the closing and opening make our knees feel painful. Finally, we realized that the so-called 6:45 on the travel itinerary was originally the local time. If we arrived at Abu Dhabi at 12:20 according to Beijing time, this flight took nearly 15 hours. Among them, it stops at about 4 am Beijing time in New Delhi, the capital of India. It is worth mentioning that when we were reading the complimentary magazines on the plane, we found that we had leaped over the Himalayas before arriving in India. Unfortunately, it was dark outside the window and we couldn’t see anything. After arriving in the capital of Ethiopia, we must transfer to flight ET871 of airliner to lilonggui (the capital of Malawian), and the flight mission was performed by Boyin 737-700, and the boarding time was 9 o’clock. This flight does not fly directly to lilongi. We have to fly to Lubumbashi, the capital of Congo, and then fly back to lilongi. It is a little regretful, because if we fly directly to malawia, we will pass the Kilimanjaro Snow Mountain. After a three-hour flight, when the plane began to land in Congo’s airspace, we encountered a strong airflow. Sitting on it felt as if we were flying on the county-level highway at the speed of the highway, except for turbulence, occasionally it drops tens of meters and occasionally rises tens of meters, which is quite horrible. Congo, which had been in war for a long time, was very poor. The runway of the airport only landed about 200 was a smooth asphalt road (unlike China, the runway in Africa mostly uses asphalt, while the runway in China mostly uses cement), although the rest is also asphalt, it is full of cracked lines, which looks shocking. On the apron of the airport, there are planes of all kinds of uses in various times, including piston-type and Soviet-type helicopters, and there is no McDonnell Douglas plane with any sign. The wave sound 737-700 we took is already the most advanced one in the whole airport. There was also a regional airliner of Kenya Airlines which stayed in Congo at the same time with us. Lubumbashi since is transit, will up and down some passengers, we stayed for about 1 hours, an hour because nothing to do seem an eternity. We sat on the plane and looked at the new passengers curiously, including many Chinese. Let me deeply understand that there must be Chinese everywhere. We looked out of the window, and then we were shocked by what we saw. There was a long queue under the plane, two airport staff unexpectedly carried out security check on the spot under the boarding escalator. Everyone’s luggage was opened and leafed, everyone was searched, but there was just no metal detector. Damn it, let’s comfort ourselves that there may not be any hijacking in this poor place. We really didn’t want to look at it again. After a long time, when we looked out of the window again, we found that there was a portable metal detector in the hands of security personnel. We suddenly realized that in fact, it was not because they didn’t, but because they were too few. The Kenya flight arrived first just now, so the detector was taken over there, so we can only do manual actions here. One hour and ten minutes after the plane took off again, we finally arrived at kamuzu International Airport in Malawian, the destination of this journey. The facilities of the whole airport seem to be much better than Congo, president Ma’s special plane was also parked on the apron. However, this is just an illusion. If you walk into the airport, you will find that the airport is as big as a long-distance passenger station in a county-level city, even with only one toilet and two pits. Maybe because kamuzuacademy has a very high reputation in the local area, after the customs officers asked us the purpose when entering the customs examination, they directly stamped two stamps on the visa, giving us one year. Next, when we took out the luggage, we needed to open the bag for inspection. Hearing that we were teachers of kamzu school, the staff also smiled and let us leave without any inspection. Mr. Yang Chao, the third secretary of the embassy, Mr. Liu from Taiwan Amitabha Care Center (ACC) and the driver of kamuzuacademy, Roma, have been waiting for us outside. We looked at the pinyin of our names from a distance. We came to the embassy and met Ambassador Pan. After listening to his instructions, we selected some teaching materials we needed from the embassy and went to school with the driver. The school is 12 kilometers away from kasunggu and 140 kilometers away from lilonggui. The asphalt road has two lanes in two directions, which takes us 2 hours. It was dark the day after we arrived at school. We went directly to the House of the principal deputy headmaster. After a short conversation, he sent us to the guesthouse (hotel). On this night. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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