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Law is the crystallization of all human wisdom, including all social thoughts and morals. Law is the revealed morality, and morality is the hidden law. Law is the friend of good and weak, but it is also the friend of wisdom and strong. Law is a mandatory order, an art about kindness and justice, and a free and solemn expression of people’s will. The purpose of law is to create a stable and understandable action structure in which individuals can carry out their plans and more or less realize the possible results, it is to fairly apply the law to all people controlled by the law, so as to protect and relieve the innocent. Law is the highest reason inherent in nature. It allows to do what should be done and prohibits opposite behaviors. The biggest System is the law. The law is the largest, and everyone is equal. If there is power beyond the law (such as politics), there will be no order. The disordered society eating people can be explained as reasonable. The law only helps alert people, not lazy people. Law is not a means to suppress freedom, just as law of gravity is not a means to prevent movement. The law is regulated by a legal norm, namely an order and prohibition. With good laws, there is good order. Knowing the law, knowing the law and abiding by the law is the first step in a good life. The law not only restricts citizens, but also restricts law executors. The law does not make all people equal, but all people are equal before the law. If there is no law, there is no justice. The law is ruthless, and everyone must abide by the law. The law determines the tasks, relationships and opinions, the standpoint that people talk on and the audience who listen to the conversation, and it gives us materials and methods, just like the spokesman in the discussion. Learn from history, you can know the rise and fall; Learn from law, you can know the rules. If the law is not strict, it can only nourish the great sin. feng fa the strong Guoqiang, feng fa the weak ze guo weak. If you want people to know, you can do it yourself. The law is the same for all people, whether to implement protection or punishment. Life may be ruined at the moment you forget the law, and ignorance of the law is rarely forgiven. The best law comes from habits. Legal literacy, in short, refers to the ability or quality of understanding and applying law. A person’s legal literacy is expressed through his skills of mastering and applying legal knowledge and his legal consciousness. Do things legally and be a person with principles. Knowing and understanding, can Law. It can be avoided by love, but it is difficult to forgive by law. Fahai boundless, repent and be saved. We should understand the law, especially the defects of the law. Whoever takes the law as a joke will certainly perish in the law. Without the support of public opinion, the law has no power at all. Without the support of fear, it will never take effect. The law is by no means unchangeable. On the contrary, just as the sky and sea surface change due to wind and waves, the law also changes due to circumstances and circumstances. The spirit of law-abiding requires the subject not only to abide by the law, but also to internalize law-abiding into a kind of moral responsibility and obligation, and to change being forced to abide by the law into voluntary law-abiding, from compulsory law-abiding to conscientious law-abiding, from heteronomy law-abiding to self-discipline law-abiding. Legal belief is a kind of recognition and dependence of people on law, and its essence is to pursue the supremacy of law and the rule of law. Only by believing in the law can we abide by the law. As a symbol of fairness and justice, law-abiding is only the external manifestation of legal belief, and the spirit of law-abiding is the soul of legal belief. If there were no bad guys in the world, there would be no good laws and lawyers. As a citizen, it is natural to know the law and abide by the law, which is the first essence. The power of law should follow citizens, just as shadow follows body. Mo Dao is the greatest, and the law in the world is the greatest; Mo Dao is ruthless, as long as it is not illegal. No matter how famous you are, you must abide by the law. Everyone is equal in front of the law. The law must be believed, otherwise it will be useless. The law must be commonly known before it can be binding. Be proud of obeying laws and regulations, and be ashamed of violating laws and regulations. Method not law people, will refractory; People not law-abiding, home also difficult Ann. The key is how to be rich first and then; Diligence and law-abiding make you feel at ease. Guilty, guilty, penitent, change the past, learn the law, know the law, abide by the law, and be a new person. Obey the law, resist temptation, endure loneliness, and be willing to endure peace. Once the law loses its power, everything will be hopeless; As long as the law no longer has power, all legal things will not have power again. People obey the law and order because they know the law and are afraid of punishment. If the law is added, the wise cannot say it, and the brave cannot fight. Without strict law enforcement, there is no peace for the people; Without impartial law enforcement, there is no dignity for the law. There is rule of law and then governance. The method of worth a lot of money does not contain a penny. Vengeance is slow but sure. If you do not commit a crime, you will be punished if you commit a crime. It is not difficult for the world to make legislation, but it is difficult for the law to act, listen, and be effective. Implement the rule of law and take laws as the criterion. No matter officials and common people, everyone should know the law and abide by the law and be restricted by the law. To be a person who can be accepted by the society, the most basic and important thing is to have the concept of legal system. Therefore, to be a law-abiding person first, you must be strict with yourself in every word and deed. Officials have the greatest power and law, and they are upright and safe to sit in the world. If people don’t want to get sick, they must improve their immunity. If cadres don’t want to be corrupt, they must consciously abide by the Party’s disciplines and laws. The train must be restricted by the track, otherwise it will capsize; The plane must be restricted by the route, otherwise it will fall; Everyone must be restricted by the law and discipline, otherwise it will go bad. Remember, don’t expect others to protect yourself, don’t think that your achievements can be met, and the best way to protect yourself is to abide by the law. 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