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Recently, there are rare visitors coming from the factory building of the company. As long as they pass the gate of the factory, everyone’s eyes will be towards this giant which is not very beautiful except the yellow color under the body, and is covered with black and autumn. It is said that this dog is a pure breed of the iron-covered Gold family. Passing by it, I am dare not. Look at each other, nervous! After all, it is because the dogs in my impression are all grinning and barking at me, as if they were born to scare me! Why doesn’t this Iron Gold bark at me! The face of this dead dog gives people a feeling of staying at a respectful distance. Its stuffy bared stuffy bared of silly-like, make me nervous. Even if I am afraid of dogs, I am still curious about their body language, lying on the guy who scratches the floor or wall or eats at you, as if to tell you again, go and pinch it! What I really like is the dog’s eyes, which give people a very interesting feeling and a feeling of confusion. Whether it is the glances when you are grinning and barking, or the glances when you look at the owner when you are full and have nothing to do, it is very interesting. This foodie is a little annoying to me. It looks like a pig, and I know that eating is hard. The hair on the head covered its only lovely eyes. When I am free and feel agitated, I will go to the nearby park to relax and meet a little thing. I barked at me endlessly, especially the fierce appearance of jumping up with reins. I had a heart to strangle it. I don’t know much about the black and white goods in autumn, but I have never contacted them. I can still see that the reins of their little tricks are brave tools, but in fact they also hide their timidity. Because I took a step forward, it shrank back. However, it was more hostile to me, revealing its fangs, holding its tail and half-lying! I thought you little thing, I didn’t even pay attention to you. I was not afraid of you when I met a big hybrid in Jinan…. I was deeply impressed by the goods full of colors like weasels in the community hutong in Jinan. The first meeting was on the night when I arrived in Jinan. I didn’t expect that there were big dogs scattered in the deep alley! At that time, my brother-in-law and I went there together, and the product just bit me, which made me feel immature and screamed. Fortunately, the host came out in time, otherwise I would be scared to cry. I was at a loss at that time, even if my brother-in-law was protecting me. The annoying thing is that every time I go out, I have to pass by its habitat, I see its eyes, and at the same time, it also looks at me, as if it could jump up at any time, I had no courage to walk alone any more. Later, the host tied it up, and I dared to walk towards it swaggered. Even if it jumped up, I would not be afraid of it! The afternoon before I left Jinan, I walked back alone. The goods got rid of the reins inexplicably. In my heart, I was ready to run wildly, reluctantly contained by it. Every time it stepped into me, the tension would deepen a little. At the moment when it came over like running, fortunately, I caught a shabby broom. Only then did I know the meaning of life-saving straw, which gave people hope and strength. This time I was no longer afraid of it. Instead, I plucked up the courage to fight with it, and finally I was not scared away. Of course, the dog I met was worse than it. It was said that a German Shepherd dog in our hometown was pure! I am have no courage to resist such fierce goods anyhow. It was also strange that the goods only saw me when they saw other strangers shouting wildly, grinning as if I had the hatred of killing my father and seizing my wife in my previous life…. What I don’t understand most is that what kind of iron-covered gold that is black and not slippery in autumn, why is it not hostile to me! Are you waiting for a sneak attack? Later, I had a chance to feed it. Get up the courage to put the rice on the ground, then take the long wooden stick and send its rice bowl to its mouth. In the process of moving the rice bowl, it shook its head and tail blindly, and even appeared the phenomenon of scratching the ground. I had the impulse to squeeze it severely. I saw its eyes, the moment it tilted its head, I saw it, so cute… Of course, I still defend it more or less. In short, I will not approach it easily. Later, I heard that this black product didn’t make a fuss. Once I pulled a stone to bite passers-by, Alas… strange, didn’t a good dog know that he didn’t want me? A dog like this can not be raised by ordinary people. It is meat and dog food! Of course, the boss has a dog farm full of such dogs. I heard that it is called Tibetan mastiff. The black and autumn goods are so strong that I didn’t expect to get sick. The professionals in the dog farm came to check him. It was no big deal. I was worried about it for some time. I was very happy to meet the professional staff. It was just right to ask why ordinary dogs always hostile to me. How much is the reason for what professionals say……. A strange dog can’t look at its eyes, especially with fear and curiosity. In their eyes, different from human eyes, people will feel a little proud when they see your eyes! But in the eyes of the dog, you feel that your eyes are despising it or provoking it. There is something wrong with dog eyes. As the saying goes, “dog eyes look down on people! This is the fallacy of the man who deals with dogs. I seem to believe it or not! Iron is not gold, it does not bite me…, hey… I think it makes sense to think carefully. At first I didn’t see the iron-covered gold eye, even if it could see me, but I couldn’t see its eyes at a glance, so I didn’t see it again. As, why did he bite passers-by and other people who were bitten? This is difficult to explain with that logic. The only thing worth noting is that there is a dog that doesn’t bark at me……. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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