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jiu yue

The golden autumn in September is picturesque. The folded and folded loose mood was slowly folded with the rustling wind and cool rain. What is left is just a slight aftertaste! The rhythm of everything runs its own track like metabolism, compact and busy. Missing and unconsciously climbing up the forehead, the makeup of this autumn is particularly sad, especially poetic! Read, read, read, still read, read, read [the thoughts, read, read] with the autumn meaning of September quietly coming, the summer vacation of the dialect is over. It was just a little thing that added some invisible missing, and it was too tall. When I was seven years old and gave birth to sunshine, I tried on the clothes of a 12-year-old child, which was quite fit. One day, I sat quietly beside the computer and knocked the keyboard. The dialect gently walked to my side. Dad, I miss my sister! I miss Mary! The dialect suddenly poured out to me seriously. Oh! You miss your sister! I should make peace. Oh my God, it has been more than a week, why do you still talk about this? I really admire their sisters’ deep love, and I don’t know how Mary would imagine at home. Once, I received a call from my wife during the interval of work. It was said that the Chinese language lost the Chinese book. I was very angry at that time. Why was it so careless? She thought that she was only thinking about playing, and didn’t devote her heart to study at all. She wanted to ask her wife to beat her. But my wife opposed it, and just made some appropriate blame and blame. When I got home, I still patted the ass of the dialect twice. She just moved back timidly, keeping silent with her mouth blocked. Later, my wife told me: sitting on the bench, I muttered loudly that my mother scolded me, and my father would scold me when he went home. You all didn’t like me! Hearing that my wife and I both smiled sweetly, the happiness naturally permeated on my face. It turns out that being an elder is so interesting! Because my wife and I both had to go to work in sections, there would be some interruptions that could not be connected when we spoke indirectly for a moment. We asked the dialect to go home alone at noon, and then went to class by ourselves after dinner, which was a little disappointing, after all, she is just seven years old. We had to negotiate to ask Fang Yu to go to the trusteeship office opposite the school for dinner, and she readily agreed. Because there are still her classmates there, but I came back to ask if I have the habit of eating? Her answer is crisp and delicious! The food there is delicious! It is probably because of early adopters, or maybe because of the atmosphere with classmates. I think so. One day, Fang Yu himself tied up her braid. The left and right sides are one, the boundary is crooked and messy. Then she walked to my side to show off! I pierced! Attractive at all?! Hee hee, I said it was not neat, but the dialect simply stood in front of the mirror and fooled for a long time. I just laughed when I remembered it, and there was a feeling of heartache in my heart! After all is Fon language life for the first time! As for bathing, we can get rid of it. It was probably from the Enlightenment school where I asked her to choose clothes by herself since I was a child. While applying soap and wiping the butt are still good, the hair will not be covered. But I really don’t know how to solve the problem of her long and long lovesickness. When she tells me her missing next time, how should I respond? Do you want to continue to prevaricate? [Father’s pleasure, joy, joy] whenever my wife and I met a couple, I would dispatch troops, and my father was the first to bear the brunt. Once he made a phone call, his old man threw his farm work away and came in a hurry. However, this double order was so abrupt that it was too late to make an appointment in advance. However, with a phone call, my father came early in the morning as always. Dialect, eunuch bought you a roast duck! When my father went to pick up the dialect at noon, he said happily to his granddaughter. When I went home, my father also mentioned it to me excitedly. I complained that it was a waste of money, but my father ridiculed: this is the money I earned to rule people’s legs and feet. I bought one at home and one here. Looking at my father’s thin black face, I was also happy for him. Happy with his thin skeleton, but refreshed; Happy with his enrichment and pleasure. This is also the reason why I don’t want to tie my father to me. I want to make his life happy in his later years. After dinner, my father hurried back to the countryside again. The next day, my father called and said that he had already got a Chinese teaching book for a teacher in the countryside. [I am busy, busy, busy] in the bleak autumn wind, missing rises from the dialect of invisible missing. The emotion in childhood may not be as rich and straightforward as the dialect, but the innocence in memory is vivid and vivid, just like yesterday reappeared. Therefore, tap the blog post “cool summer is over, and missing is coming!” on the computer keyboard. Published. And the memory of youth starts with the youth of Jiajia. Yesterday, I heard that second sister said Jiajia went into the class again, and was happy for it. She Also sighed that she asked me to take off the coat of the earthly years, continue to write the reverie of youth, and be close to youth!, and wrote a blog post “youth and me, and Jiajia”. I, the driver, always seem mediocre. However, the life at the front line of three points (home, car and school in Chinese language), either in the car or outside the home, still seems very busy. But I thought carefully: I didn’t do anything! In the morning, I started off with the sleep of the Chinese language and started my day’s work. After work, I see with my own eyes, feel with my own heart, think with my own brain, and remember with my own pen. When I went back home, I handled the pots and pans, rectified the small dialect, and sat down by the computer quickly, knocking on the long and short words, expressing the deep and shallow small knots in my heart. No wonder my wife gave me a pink fist and complained, “you, you can only face that computer all day long, even have no time to talk to me! The trifles of September are abundant! To colorful! To compact! Maybe this is the truth of life! (2010-9-9) Like (prose editor: prose online) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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