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Mirror Flower

[Introduction] only when the singer integrates the true feelings into the song can he move himself, while only when he moves himself can he move. The songs of both of them seem to have stories. Behind the stories, they are either delighted, sad, or just a kind of enlightenment, but they are all true feelings.Read More


Winter rain

The weather suddenly cooled down. The weather forecast said it was only 11 degrees. I put on my autumn clothes before I could react. I still felt cold and cold. The wind blows slanting, and the falling England flying all over the sky renders every corner of the city, which is like my wandering lonelyRead More



The Midnight Wind knocked on the half-closed window. I curled up on the sofa, half asleep and half awake. In a trance, I heard your sorrowful cry coming through the vast river of forget. You called my breast name, but I wanted to promise you so much, but I couldn’t say anything. Grandma, did youRead More