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[Introduction] last summer, the tin troupe played in front of the supermarket for several days, attracting a lot of old audiences. I was also lucky to have a look at the elegant demeanour. I am really liked it, I feel a little infatuated with the elegant singing, but look around. Yesterday, I went to theRead More



When the moon rises, it is the kind of curved crescent moon. The sky was blue, countless little stars blinked happily, and they didn’t look sleepy at all. Although it was already late spring, the weather was still so cold, but it was not that kind of compelling cold. The brightness of the moon spreadRead More


On not

Sorry, my baby, because of dad’s emotional choice, you lost your mother’s love too early at this age. Others can lie in mother’s arms and play coquetry, but you can only grow up under father’s seriousness. You left too early. The attachment to my mother is already a young adult now. I know that IRead More