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Time is really fleeting, and it’s weekend again. I don’t know why. Every weekend, my heart will always feel a little uneasy. Even every day and every day, I have this feeling. The wind of time, after eliminating all the troubles, he unconsciously sent away countless days and nights. In fact, a person will feel tired after walking on the road for a long time, even if his heart is so positive. I know that although I was busy and plain in the past years, I still know that in the bustling noise, life still records everyone’s history silently, expresses everyone’s excellence and shows everyone’s joys and sorrows, which is just unknown. I haven’t stopped to think about myself for a long time. There are always too many excuses to prevaricate at ordinary times, feeling that I live in a never-ending spiral. Life gives us too many things, which make us too late to experience. We always waste time in pushing and pushing. In the sigh, we feel that we can’t help ourselves. In the silent night, time is like a vigorous and profound Bell, shuttling back and forth, deeply hitting that gradually numb heart. When getting drunk and waking up gradually, many past events come to my mind, let that never-ending heart also begin to become active. Happy and sad. I also began to think about my mental journey over the years. I think only at this time can we seriously think about our own life. In the life journey of hee-hee-ha-ha, there were sadness, happiness, tears, silence and remorse. Sometimes I think people are lazy. Otherwise, how can there be a lot of things that you want to do without doing and things that you should do without time? Year after year, look back at the past and think about what you have done and thought in the past. Sometimes we also feel the boredom and emptiness of life, sometimes we also feel the helplessness and loneliness of life. In the coming and going life, we also taste the hardship and confusion of life slowly. Although we are a little helpless, lonely, and lonely, sometimes we want to stop and think about ourselves, and we have a feeling of being involuntarily. Immerse yourself in busy days every day. Life, work, work and life are circulating in this way. Sometimes, when you walk on a road for a long time, you will feel nothing interesting, I really want to find a new way, and I made a mistake accidentally, then I know that it is easy to go, even if it is a road you are very familiar, occasionally, new scenery will appear in front of you, even if it is a very humble green, which will appear in front of you after a long winter, You will also be moved for a long time. At the same time, people also need encouragement, otherwise how can there be progress. Recalling my past days carefully, many things should have been postponed, but they were finished within the stipulated time; Many problems seemed impossible to be solved. Under the impossible conditions, or solved. I really want to thank the people around me. My leaders, colleagues, parents and friends want to say thank you to them personally. When I feel more and more boring and plain life, I also feel more and more fragile and helpless human nature. On the way of life which is becoming more and more lonely, it seems to be a luxury to get others’ praise and help. Sometimes I think that the distance between people is very short, but it only makes the heart without distance widen the distance. Maybe it is a word from others, a smile from a colleague, a look from a partner, in many cases, it may become a great encouragement and form great power in difficult situations, encourage you to move forward in adversity. Sometimes such moments seem to be too few. Maybe at this time, even a calm heart cannot calm down. Through the tunnel of time, looking back at the road imprints that life has gone through, it is so clear. Looking forward to the future, it is vacant and tortuous. When friends get together, it is easy to find others to share the bitterness they have gone through. Even a little pouring out is also a great comfort. In the memory and look over and over again, I savored carefully and counted the passing years, the past confusion, the past loss, the past strangeness, the past doubt, they are all like the clouds of the past, and sometimes they come to mind in the subconscious mind. The distant back is filled with melancholy, which may leave us a heavy miss or an unfinished answer sheet. Looking back, we can only recall ourselves in our memories. Maybe memory is a kind of happy sadness, memory is a kind of sweet loss, memory is a kind of warm pain, memory is also a kind of long-lost surprise, you can find the long-lost emotion in memory, and you can encounter the joy of a long separation in memory. Maybe sometimes we can only pass our boring time in memory and find our lost emotion in memory. We don’t spend time in memory, but we need to recall the past, which has become a distant past, even though it is far away. Maybe when we recall the past next time, our former emotions will come to our hearts, move our hearts again and spur our emotions. I know that there will be sunshine, scenery, success, pain, loss and tears in the future. But no matter it is sweet or painful, memories always make people feel full. (1698)[responsible editor: Man tree] Zan (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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